Kaabo Wolf King GT pro

Here is the Kaabo Wolf King GT pro and it’s just broken two performance records. Fastest production scooter on the planet and longest tested range ever.

The original Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 was voted the best beast scooter in the world. Then came the Wolf King, basically a gold Wolf Warrior with more power, bigger brakes, and a much higher top speed. When the Wolf King arrived, we were expecting a slightly faster Wolf King.


But we were wrong. Compared with the Wolf King, the GT is a very different beast. Let’s see what’s changed.

Upgrade number 1,  speed, and acceleration of Kaabo Wolf King GT pro.


With an ESN-certified top speed of 61, GT breaks the Wolf King’s record for the fastest production scooter. Except for racing scooters like the Ryan and the S One X, you just can’t go faster standing up and you certainly can’t go faster than $3600.


While top speed is only 1.6 mph higher than the Wolf King, the GT’s acceleration is a massive step up due to new Sine wave motor controllers pushing 50 amps each. These help the Wolf King reach 30 faster than the Wolf King.

Upgrade number 2, Range.


The King also went 59% further than the king on the ESG range course, setting a new range record of 55 miles. Due to its huge LG battery and efficient Sine wave controllers, it can literally cover more urban miles on one charge than most riders can handle. And because it comes with two chargers, Kaabo claims that the King can be ready to do it all again 7 hours later, perfect for long permutes. As with other scooters, you shouldn’t use the battery’s percentage to calculate your remaining miles.

You’ll notice in this photo that at 50 miles, my display still indicated 29% battery remaining, but less than 5 miles later it was at 0%. Pro tip it’s better to use the Voltmeter instead. The Zoom hydraulic brakes bring the King to a stop from 15 mph in an impressive 10ft edging out all three of the comparison scooters.


The Wolf King and King are the only scooters we know of to use three-millimeter thick rotors, making them much more resistant to bending and warping.

Upgrade number 3,  progressive throttle control.


While slower scooters allow you to treat throttle like an on-off switch, powerful scooters like the Wolf King require a steady hand and total concentration to ride smoothly. With 8400 watts of peak power, the Wolf King should be impossible to ride. But it’s not. The Wolf King’s thumb throttle and sign drive controllers give you smooth progressive throttle control, even in full performance mode. This makes it easy to ride at low speeds.


The controllers also made the ride exceptionally quiet. We bench tested the king against the King and found that they are ten decibels quieter at full throttle on the Wolf King.

Upgrade number 4, Stability.


The Wolf King GT feels more comfortable at 60 mph than most scooters do at 40. Dual stamp scooters are inherently more stable because the wide weight distribution gives the front end a larger moment of inertia than single stamps. Adding the massive motor controllers takes it to another level, making it the most stable Scooter we’ve ever written.


Upgrade number 5, handlebar height.


Kaabo, what took you so long? For years, one of the most puzzling things about the big Wolf Scooters was the short handlebar height at just under 38 inches. Finally, the biggest beast scooter comes with our favorite handlebar height of 40 inches. Another surprising change is that the handlebars are a full 4.5 inches wider on the King than the king. For me, the bars are a little too wide.


Upgrade number 6, puncture-proof tires.


This upgrade will be a game-changer if it does what kaabo says. Unlike the Wolf King’s presume tires, Kaabo claims the Wolf GT’s tires are puncture-proof. They have different markings on the side shown here but look essentially the same.

The tires aren’t puncture-proof but did self-seal after being punctured.

Upgrade Number 7, water Resistance.


When we first saw these clips of Kaabo’s component testing, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The dash motor and controllers were submerged for ten days and were still functioning. The Wolf King GT’s water resistance has leveled up from IPX four to IPX five. Part of the upgrade included moving the motor controllers to a box attached to the forks, which also helps keep the controllers cool.

Despite the high rating, Kaabo still recommends staying at heavy downpours. And if you do ride in the rain, you’re going to need to extend your fenders because that’s one area that has not been upgraded.


Upgrade Number 8, the world’s Best Display.


The dashboard isn’t just water-resistant. This 4.2-inch TFT display is bright, easy to read, and gives a whole new level of detail, including top speed, average speed, and the temperature of both motor controllers. You can also program the five gears to your riding preferences and change or eliminate the scooter’s password.


Upgrade number 9, forged End Caps.


In response to a small number of Wolf Warrior GT pro and Wolf King scooters suffering failures where the front axle connects to the forks, all Kaabo Wolf scooters now come with forged aluminum end caps, which are stronger and lighter.

Even with all of these upgrades, there are still a couple of build quality improvements we’d like to see. The charging port covers are always in the way, and the chain for the security pin should probably be deleted altogether since it always breaks. We’d also love to see the GT get self-cancelling turn signals. Overall, Wolf Warrior scooters have the legendary build quality, and in that regard, this is the best Wolf yet.


While the Wolf King GT is the world’s best in many categories, it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum. When it comes to portability, the King GT is big like other wolves, it’s also challenging to fold and unfold, and it’s heavier than you think.

As part of our standard testing, we weigh all of our scooters, and we’re surprised to find that they tips the scales at over 125 pounds, 10 pounds heavier than their specified weight, and over 13 pounds heavier than the measured weight of the Wolf King. The good news is that chuck’s one-person Wolf warrior loading technique still works, but the wider handlebars mean it’s going to need just a little more space. Despite being the fastest, the Wolf King may also be the safest Kaabo Scooter yet.

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