VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

This is the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter, one of the most anticipated scooters of 2022. The Vsett 10+ is the successor to the “Zero 10X”, a dual-motor electric scooter famous for high-speed stability and excellent build quality. We’ll also tell you a couple of things we actually like better about the 10X.

We’re going to take you through the Vsetts brand new build piece by beautiful piece and show you whether the ride quality and performance match up with its stunning good looks.


Dual motor 10-inch tire scooters are the light heavyweight champions of the scooter world. They’re such an important category that they often end up representing the entire brand. Sure, there are bigger, faster, beast scooters, but like a Ferrari, those are expensive and the weight of a beast scooter can make it hard to live with on a daily basis. The kind of scooter you really like to hang out with, but maybe not exclusively.

To me, the light heavyweights like the VSATT 10+ are the Porsche 911 of scooters. Manageable enough on the weight that you could use them for everyday transportation, but at the same time so fun, half the time you’ll end up riding them for no reason at all.

VSett 10+ Review: 43 MPH Scooter Is Ten Times Better Than The 10X


Vsett 10+

At $ 2,290, the price of the Vsett 10+ is at the high end of its class, but the battery spec makes it pretty clear why. At 25.6 amp hours, it’s huge. And this isn’t even the largest version. All of those watt-hours are going to come in handy though because the motors are now 40% more powerful than the Zero 10 X.


We kept hearing rumors about the spectacular performance of the VC 10+, and to be honest, they were a little hard to believe. But now that we’ve got the data, it turns out that most of the rumors are true. It has all the top speed you’ll ever need, but it’s not as fast as you think. With a top speed of 43.3 mph, we’ve never found ourselves wanting more. But it doesn’t match the 49+ miles per hour that were displayed on the speedometer during the same speed runs.




In other words, the Vsett speedometer is very optimistic. The Vsett’s big battery means you are very unlikely to suffer from range anxiety, even on hour-long rides. We covered 33.6 miles of city riding on the ESG Range course before our scooters shut down. That’s 28% further than our 10 X. The Vsett also did a great job in maintaining speed throughout and then delivered a useful but slower 2 miles once the power really started to be. Here is one of the rumors that we have been able to confirm.


The Visett 10+ punches above its weight class in acceleration. With its high torque motors, the X Plus matches the Wolf Warriors’impressive 1.9 2nd sprint to 15 mph. However, it reaches 15 to 10ths of a second behind the 10 X. Due to the zero’s lighter weight with initial acceleration at the default setting, it launches with just a touch-up front wheel spin.


Bumping it up a notch gave a noticeable but manageable wheel spin at each launch. However, taking initial acceleration to the max caused enough front wheel spin to make it difficult to apply throttle mid-corner, and we only recommend the setting for heavier riders or for straight-line acceleration runs. But we’ve seen that other Vsett 10+ Scooters have arrived with nut brakes. Ours came equipped with Visa-branded Zoom hydraulic disk brakes.




The Vs tested stopping distance is impressive, the overall brake feel is excellent, and exceptionally easy to modulate without locking up. The second rumor we can confirm is that the 10 + also punches above its class In the 10% hill climb.

It beat the heavyweight Wolf Warrior by a 10th of a second and ties the fastest 60 volts, production models. Scooters are evolving so quickly that every six months we have to reevaluate what a good or great stem feels like. And this stem is so good it’s changing our definition again.


It gets an eight ++  The latch mechanism itself is gorgeous well constructed but a little fiddly. It’s beefy and adjustable, but we worry that the stainless steel threads of the keeper screw will get cross-threaded into the aluminum stem eventually.

Ultimately, it’s light years ahead of the 10x, even if the 10X is equipped with the upgraded rugged Clamp. Steering stops don’t normally get much attention, but the solid clunk of setting the bars at full left when parking feels great and contributes to the overall high-quality feel of the Scooter.


Normally, I’m not a fan of yellow and black, but this gorgeous cockpit might just convert me. The pullback handlebars look great and are super comfortable on long rides, but we found that the handlebar foaming mechanism won’t stay fully tight for more than a couple of miles, even after we gummed it up a little with Lulu tight.

The looseness isn’t always clearly major at some stage in the ride, and it is truly now no longer unsafe, however, you can experience it while parking the scooter. The standard size handlebar mount also makes it easy to swap out the bars for mountain bike handlebars if you don’t need the portability.


The win support, locking end caps, and ergonomic shape makes these grips some of the most stylish ever. This is good because, unlike other Scooters, you can not really change them. You see, they also contain your turn signal switches, another outstanding first-ever feature. They click to let you know you’ve turned them on and they tone cancel after 30 blinks.

The ey faux display is easy to use but seems out of place on such a modern-looking scooter. It’s also one of the things that got a little worse versus the 10 X because it’s difficult to read in bright sunlight. When combined with zoom brakes.

It also makes your fingers do an upward 75-degree split to reach the throttle while also covering the brakes. The 10 x throttle and brakes, on the other hand, can both be covered with a more comfortable 45-degree split due to the combination of QSS4 throttle and lower-profile nut breaks.


The NFC key is cool, if a bit gimmicky, and since you’re unlikely to leave a Scooter this nice outside, it’s probably most useful for preventing your siblings or housemates from joyriding your Scooter. It comes with several tags of its own, but you can also program it to turn on with a tag from another Scooter or your credit card. But our favorite technique of all is just to stick an NFC sticker in your phone case and program your Scooter to recognize that.


We’ve heard it can be programmed to open with just a cell phone, but we weren’t able to get this to work with an iPhone eleven Pro for sure. The best-looking part of the cockpit is the well-lit buttons for dual motorsport mode and the horn. The dual-motor button stays pressed in to let you know you’re running dual motors.

The sport button switches your gear indicator to s and provides two minutes of higher current output. The aluminum housings look great and give the Scooter a high-end feel. Wires are beautifully wrapped exactly the right length and are plug and play for easy repairs.


The deck is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen but could use a little more grip at the edges. It’s also distractingly short at 18 inches from charge ports to tail usable space is 1.2 inches less than the 10x and one of the shorter decks found on a Scooter with dual motors. This means that anytime you’re using the max throttle, you’ll either have to have your rear foot on the exceptionally nice rear footrest or be holding onto the handlebars for dear life.


But if you want to experience each toe at the deck 100% of the time, the fast deck will take a few being used to. We appreciate that the charge ports were put up top to prevent crash damage, but we would have preferred them pretty much anywhere else. With hydraulic damping out back and spring suspension up front, the overall ride quality is outstanding.

The exceptional stability is something you’ll notice within one block of stepping on board and continues right up to an indicated 40 mph, if not higher. The rear shock provides enough hydraulic damping to help the Scooter feel planted and stable.



Overall suspension is very good and achingly close to great. We’re enthusiastic about what riders are probably capable of doing with aftermarket shocks. As it is, the ride is very very good. It feels weird to get excited about a side stand, but this side stand is amazing and fits in with the overall high-quality feel of the Scooter.

When unfolded, it snaps into place with an unmistakable sound, so you know it’s down without even looking. Overall fit and finish are stunning. Riding the back to back, the Zero 10 X looks and feels like it’s from a different decade, but then it actually is.



With the exception of the throttle, the Vsett 10+ has a very cohesive design. You can tell that all of the parts were designed by the same team or possibly the same person, unlike so many other scooters, which look like every part came out of some random bin. At nearly 80 pounds, none of the light heavyweights are ultra-portable.

The Vsett 10+ fails the trunk test, but if your car has a passthrough, you might still be able to make it work. A few upgrades to portability versus the 10 X include a better grab handle, a stem to deck latch, and a far less frustrating stem folding mechanism. Be cautious whilst selecting it up again, though, because the stem to deck latch has a tendency to return back loose.


The Vsett 10+ has noticeable upgrades relative to the 10 X in terms of safety, most notably turn signals that are so easy to use we actually use them. The signals themselves are exceptional. The front deck lighting fixtures and tail lighting fixtures every blink 30 instances while activated after which self cancel.

They’re additionally genuinely seen from the facet of the Scooter. Overall, that is the high-quality implementation of flip alerts we’ve got ever visible on a Scooter.




The headlights are activated by holding the plus button for three seconds and are more than twice as bright as the headlights on the 10x. The Vsetts headlights are low mounted and you cant aim them but are still suitable for riding at a careful 20 miles per hour at night.

Any faster and you’re gonna need to mount an accessory light.

Pros include: 






Overall cons include:





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