Victor Luxury Electric Scooter

This is the Victor Luxury, one of the best dualtrons ever made. We’ve been testing and comparing all week think, and in this review we reveal its record-breaking range, record-breaking top speed, and most importantly, exactly why the ride quality of the Victor Luxury is among the very best there is. I think of Mini Motors as the BMW of electric scooters.

They were the first premium brand and basically invented the dual motor electric scooter. While they’re known for build quality, most people don’t know that Dualtron scooters usually only come with a six-month warranty, so be sure to read the fine print.


Details Summary of the ‘Victor Luxury’


Do you know the feeling when you put on a new pair of running shoes and you just can’t stop walking around and sort of bouncing on them? That’s the closest thing I can think of to describe how good this combination of an elastomeric suspension and tires feels. These are the softest suspension cartridges that Dualtron makes.

They feel perfect for weights from 140 pounds all the way up to the 265-pound weight limit. Though you can always swap them out if you want to go stiffer, and you can change the swing arm angle to suit your weight and riding style.

Up in the cockpit, the grips feel great, but I wish they had clamps to keep them from rotating. This is an easy fix, though, with a bit of hairspray or grip glue. The Mini Motorists EY Three display is easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

With all the large color displays coming out lately, this style is starting to feel dated. The EY Three trigger is a long stretch from the brake lever, especially when paired with zoom hydraulic brakes. Our favorite accessory in this situation is the 90-degree adapter that takes your hand position from this to this. Dualtron gave the Victor and Victor Luxury a twelve-degree stem angle for increased high-speed stability.

The deck of the Victor Luxury is pretty tight, so you need to use every last inch of it. During the range test, I found that planning my feet like this works best. The rear footrest is a little too steep and tall for normal riding, but handy for hard braking and can be removed or replaced with something custom if you want more room. It wouldn’t be a dual Tron review if we didn’t call out the stem noise it’s really easy to fix, though.


Loosen these two bolts, spray some lithium grease and tighten them back down. You can also put some in the clamp area. In typical dualtron style. The handlebars are not very tall at 37.5 inches from the deck, which some riders prefer because of the sporty feel, but it’s an easy mod to make them taller with an aftermarket riser kit.

I’ve covered a lot of little details here, but to keep things in perspective, 99% of what you notice when riding the Victor Luxury is the incredible suspension, responsive controls, and the slightly tight feeling cockpit. Despite being one of the most compact scooters in its class, they’ve managed to squeeze in a battery that’s bigger than any comparable scooter we’ve tested.

They’ve done this by using the most energy-dense cells you can get LG’s 2700s. I’m going to nerd out on tires and build quality, but stay with me because performance is coming up next. The Victor Luxury rides on dualtron branded ten-by-three-inch tubed tires and split rims for easy tire changes.

They have excellent handling because of a bigger contact patch. You can go tubeless by swapping in rims and tires from the dualtron Three, but I’d stick with the stock one because these tires feel awesome. Its true tubeless tires don’t get pinched flats when you hit potholes, but most pinch plates can be avoided just by keeping your tires inflated. You’ll definitely need to use an extender because these valve stems are short.

There are several other differences we noticed between Victor and Victor Luxury. Most notably, the new rubber-coated deck looks great and is easier to keep clean, but has less grip than the original. You can always add a little grip tape if needed. Then there’s the new footrest and taillight that we first saw on the dualtron Thunder Two. We love the look and it comes in handy when lifting the scooter.

The rocker switch under the deck turns the swag lights on and off. The same switch on the previous Victor was a power cut-off for the whole scooter and could be used to activate an external battery port, which has now been deleted along with the second charge port.

You can still bring your charging time down from 20 hours to 4 hours with a fast charger. The single motor switch has also gone away, and that’s a good thing. Our testing shows there is no efficiency advantage to running a dual-motor scooter in a single motor mode.


In fact, it just puts needless stress on the controller. The turbo and eco switch are still there. And now lights up to let you know when eco mode is engaged. One thing hasn’t changed. Like every dualtron, the Victor luxury has no IP rating, so this is definitely not a rainy day commuter.

The Victor luxury is quite simply the fastest light heavyweight scooter we’ve ever tested. With an ESG-certified top speed of 46.2 watts of peak power, we saw indicated speeds as high as 51 mph. But just like cars, all scooter speedometers are a little optimistic.

The range is also hands down the best in its class, covering 42 miles on the ESG range test course in top performance mode, even if you don’t use it for long rides.

The Victor luxury maintains 90% of its full speed and power right up until cutting off at the very end of the range test, so you won’t feel the end coming. But the good news is that ours cut off 1.6 miles after hitting 0% on the gauge. So just keep an eye on battery percentage and you’ll be fine.

While the Victor luxury is the fastest light heavyweight, it didn’t break the record for zero to 30. That crown still belongs to the Vsett 10+. ¬†Throttle response is immediate but fairly easy to handle even when the p settings are turned all the way up.

The Victor luxury is also near the top of its class in hill-climbing, averaging 16 9 mph from a standing start on our steep 200-foot-long 10% grade test hill. Even more remarkable, the Luxury sustained 30 mph up the steepest section of the range test course, even when it only had 1% battery remaining. The Victor luxury’s zoom hydraulic brakes are very good but took longer to stop than the previous Victor.

The Victor luxury stops from 15 versus nine seven for the original victor, but the Luxury should match it if you remove the footrest. The Victor luxury is not only one of the highest performing light heavyweight scooters we’ve ever tested but also the smallest, which really helps if you need to put it in the trunk to compare it to something. In its own class, the Victor is five inches shorter than the vasett 10+. The new footrest has a much-improved stem to deck latch, and the Victor is just light enough to carry by the stem, though one flight of stairs is about my limit.

The ESG certified weight of the Victor Luxury is 76 8.04 pounds, eight more than its 72 pounds spec, but still less than the vsett 10+, and about equal to other peers like the Apollo phantom, a safety feature that’s classic dualtron are the swag lights, everybody is going to see you coming, and you can customize them endlessly.


With the included remote control, the Victor Luxury adds even more swag than the original with the addition of lights down the side of the deck and in the swing arms. That said, the low-mounted headlights aren’t the best considering how fast the Scooter can go. So for serious night riding, we recommend picking up thousand-lumen aftermarket headlights to mount the bars. Like many other Dual Trons, the Victor Luxury doesn’t have a bell or turn signals, but it does have hazard lights activated by the switch where the dual-motor switch used to be.

Another plus for visibility is the new brake light, which makes it easy for cars to see you from behind. Pros Include goes further and faster than any Scooter in its class. Exquisite handling, gorgeous looks, and it’s a Dual Tron. Cons include Dex space is tight, no IP rating and throttle ergonomics aren’t the best. While you’re doing your research, here are some other Scooters with similar prices and performances.

Vsett 10+ is less expensive and has quicker acceleration, but ride quality and top speed aren’t as good. Wolf Warrior X Pro much larger deck and better high-speed stability, but is much less portable. Burn e two eye-watering acceleration and plush suspension, but much more expensive and much heavier. Segway GT One lower top speed range and portability, but awesome ergonomics and feature set. If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that putting really big motors in small vehicles is always a formula for fun, but it doesn’t always deliver the best ride quality.


That’s one of the reasons why Victor’s exquisite ride is so impressive. I definitely wouldn’t classify this as a beginner Scooter because of its price, weight, and intense braking power, but with the settings turned down, it’s something that almost anybody could ride. At its highest performance settings, this is a scooter you can challenge yourself with and really rewards skillful riding. It demands your full attention, so it’s not as good for long, leisurely rides as something like the Dualtron Thunder. Despite its posh name, the Dual Tron Victor Luxury is more fighter jet than a limousine.

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