ANYHILL UM-2 Electric Scooter

Um2 is a brand new flagship Scooter from any Hill. This ready to go toe to toe performance with the Segway Ninebot Max, you’re going to want to check out its huge feature set, especially if you’re a larger rider. Usually when a new brand launches, it’ll stick pretty close to the status quo, so it’s fun to see a new company step up and completely go their own direction. With five unusual build features in one Scooter, let’s check out the new stuff.

The U2 has the lightest removable battery we’ve ever seen. It weighs just £5, thanks to LG 2700 battery cells. A first for a sub $1,000 Scooter. It swaps out super fast and comes with a charge Port right on the pack so you can charge the battery at your desk. It also has an ultra-high IPX six water resistance rating. The left handlebar has a regen brake lever that gives you strong skid-proof braking at the rear wheel, and the right side lever controls the front drum brake. They’re completely independent, so I used 100% Regen for normal riding and both brakes when I needed to make a hard stop.

We’ve tested about 100 Scooters, but this is the first one with a center stand. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it at first, but it works just like a kickstand, except better. It also comes in handy when you air up the tires. It’s also the only screw routine that comes with this kind of valve stem extender. They’re great because when you take them off, they don’t lose much air. I love the look and solid feel of the unusual folding mechanism, though. Like many Scooters, you need to nudge the stem forward as you pull the latch to make it easy to release.

The fifth unusual feature is the maximum rider weight. It’s almost unheard of at this price point to find a Scooter rated for £300. The color dashboard is also original and looks really cool, though we wish it were a little brighter. It gives you three riding modes cruise control and a headlight indicator. There’s also an app that lets you lock the Scooter, control the headlights, and gives detailed stats about the Scooter itself. It doesn’t have a zero start function, so you’ll always need to kick it to get it going. Anyhow probably omitted the zero start function to prevent new riders from getting caught off guard.

The Scooter comes with a pretty standard IP 54 water resistance rating, and the Fender protection is good, but gets even better if you install the included license plate holder. The rear Fender has the look of a stop brake, but it’s not. It’s just a really strong Fender. Overall build quality is excellent, and you can see examples of it everywhere you look, right down to the way they covered the fasteners for the handlebars.

I mean, look at the way this thing opens and then snaps back shut Part of what makes the um2 So fun to ride is that it’s a very confident’s, inspiring scooter. This comes from little things like the grippy rubber deck, the soft spiral pattern grips, and bigger things like the ten-inch tubeless air-filled tires that soak up the bumps. The biggest factor is just the overall stability.

Riding the Um2, you can feel free to take a long look over your shoulder or take a hand off the bars to scratch your nose without worrying about going into a wobble for your new writer. Stability makes it easy to learn if you’re an experienced writer. Stability gives you the freedom to do dumb stuff like this or pull the Uturn while holding the scooter at full throttle.

That’s my take on ride quality, but let’s see if it’s big dog approved. I haven’t really heard of any Hill before we did this review, and I’m pleasantly surprised to report that this scooter within this class range, it performs the best for us big dogs. It has a true Max rider weight of 300 pounds. When you really feel that when you get on comparable scooters, they somewhat go slow with the acceleration, the Hill climb the top speed, you can kind of feel where your weight is not supposed to be on that scooter, but this one, I will say when I got on it, that was the main thing I noticed and I felt the performance.

It took me up the Hills when I hit the throttle acceleration. It hits as soon as you press it and it just boom. It’s real smooth. Another thing about the scooter is that it’s real stable. You can easily glide and ride with the scooter at the heavy weights. I must say I’m really impressed with this any Hill scooter and I would love to see what they do in the future, but for right now it’s a stop and I’m out.

For the most part, performance is on par with other scooters in its class, but there were three performance metrics where the um2 beat them all. The um2 ESG certified top speed is 17. 9 mph, about the same as the Ninebot Max on our range test, the um2 covered exactly 17 miles in sport mode, which is also typical. However, when the scooter finally shut down, I didn’t have to do the typical long push back to the office because I brought a spare battery. At only 5pounds, it was barely noticeable in my backpack, so it wouldn’t be hard at all to carry two, which would stretch the actual rideable range in sport mode to over 50 miles. Acceleration is very smooth, but also slightly faster than every one of its peers, arriving at 15 mph in just 5.9 seconds.

Being named Any Hill, I was honestly rooting for it not to suck at Hill climbing, so it was a relief when it averaged 7.5 mph climbing our 10% grade test Hill from a dead stop, a fairly average result. The unique braking system of the um2 lets anybody stop like an expert and beats absolutely every scooter in its class, including the former Champion Ninebot Max.

They even tied the dual turn on Storm, a scooter that costs four times more. Best of all, the um2 delivers maximum braking power without worrying about going over the handlebars. The stem is easy to fold and looks great. However, the shape of the stem with the flat back hurts the ergonomics for carrying. The um 2 is also about five lbs heavier than its peers, but you can make it five lbs lighter by popping out the battery.

The Um2 is an ultra-stable ride and awesome brakes earn it an A for safety. If it had lights mounted up high for night time visibility, we would have given it an A-plus. Pros include ultralight removable battery, best in class braking, high rider weight limit, and ultra-stable. Confidence inspiring ride cons include a few pounds heavier than comparable Scooters. Stem shape not ideal for carrying and display could be brighter. Here are some other scooters with similar price and performance. Segway Ninebot Max G 30 LP proven reliability but lower maximum rider weight. Apollo Air Pro Smoother ride due to front suspension but slower Hill climber. New KQI Three Pro, Longer range but smaller wheel diameter EMove Touring, Higher top speed and smoother ride, but much longer stopping distance.

In a world full of copycat scooters, finding so many original features in the Annie Hill um2 is a welcome surprise. While we wish it were 5 pounds lighter, we love that the um2 backs up its good looks with solid performance and outstanding ride quality. If you’re in the market for a commuter like the Nine Bot Max, you should definitely add the Annie Hill um2 to your list. Find our link and exclusive discount code in the video description below. For the best price, we put a ton of work into everything we do. If you like what we’re making and want to support us, please like this video and subscribe. If you want to see how the um2 stacked up against both versions of the Nine Bot Max, check out our review of the Nine Max G 30 LP or click here to see another one of our all time favorite commuter scooters.

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