NEW Kaabo Mantis V2 Electric Scooter Review

This is the new Cabomantis V Two fluid edition, and it’s almost everything we’ve ever asked for in a dual motor scooter, including Pro model performance at a base model price. In this review, find out what’s new, how it beat the 2020 Manus Pro, and what makes the V Two the best Mantis yet. Ever since the original Mantis came out, it’s been the industry standard in terms of dual motor performance per dollar. At 1699, the new Mantis V 2 may have a base model price, but its specs and performance don’t feel base at all in a head to head top speed test, the new mandates V Two with 37.3 mph, beating our 2020 Mantis Pro. Best of all, it’s not just faster than the Pro, but it’s also way easier to ride. We’ll explain why later. The V Two base model covered 27 2 miles on our range test circuit, which is one 9 miles fewer than the 2020 version, but still within the typical range for this class of scooter. The new V Two seems to defy the law of physics when it comes to acceleration. It keeps up with our tire shredding 2020 Manus Pro.

But unlike the Pro, the Manus V Two does it without snapping your head back when you grab a fistful. Throttle the base model Mantis V Two has sine wave motor controllers, which we love because they give you much smoother throttle control than the square wave controllers you’ll find in pretty much every other scooter out there. The smoother throttle virtually eliminates wheel spin, helping the V Two launch faster. You can really feel the improved throttle control when you ride, especially when accelerating out of corners. We’re really excited to see speeder companies focusing on ride quality more than just raw speeds, but in this case, you get both. The base model Mantis V Two is fortunately also very good at stopping it outbreaks every other mantis we have ever tested stopping from 15 mph in an astounding 9.7ft. The secret of the V Two’s braking power is that it now comes with zoom hydraulic brakes, a feature which up until recently was rare to find on base model scooters. The 2020 Mattis Pro has the same zoom brakes, but the V Two stops even shorter because of the improved suspension that keeps it from diving forward. The minus V Two is fast enough to break the speed limit on just about any urban hill.

In our hill climb test, it beat the old base model Mantis by almost a second and arrived at the top just behind the 2020 Mantis Pro. The ride quality of the new Mantis V Two is exceptionally well balanced. Its smooth throttle, firm suspension, solid feeling stem, and nimble handling makes you feel like you’ve suddenly become a better rider. For example, you can switch from full throttle to full break without feeling like you’re standing on a teeter. Totter you’ll really need to pay attention to your speedometer for the first couple of weeks though, because it’s solid ride quality makes it be too deceptively fast.

Hey everyone, Raymir with the lecture scooter guy and I’m here to get my Big Dog slash heavyriding perspective. Let’s get right into it. It’s super smooth, a sine wave controller. We all know it can give you a smooth ride. You can actually ride with one hand. Check this footage out of me right here. Boom. One handed riding. I don’t advise you to do that, but you can really go really slow or real fast as you can take it off. Curve went uphill, did all the action. Things that you can do on all the Cabo manchester this is a good one. Those are my thoughts on the cabo mattress V Two food edition, big Dog approved, roof approved and rooft whatever. Anybody? You don’t even have to be a big dog. This is a nice scooter cop it.

At first glance, the build of the Mantis Two looks like a minor update. A deeper look reveals it’s almost everything we ever asked for in our previous Mantis reviews. In addition to the smoother motor controllers and improved brakes, it now has a high mounted headlight, so we think brighter would be even better. Turn signals have been added front and rear, and you also get indicators to let you know which lights are active as well as what mode you’re in. At long last, the Mantis gets an IPX Five water resistance rating and an improved rear fender, though the front is still less than ideal. The stem was upgraded in 2021 and doesn’t wobble at all. The new grips are more comfortable and lock in place so they don’t spin in your hands like the old phone grips did. We do wish Cavo would update the display, though. The LTO One is a little dim in bright sunlight, and any trigger throttle combined with zoom brakes makes your fingers have to stretch to cover both. We’re happy to see that the entire cockpit has gone plug and play, though, so repairs will be easy if anything breaks.

Like most of its peers, the 2022 mantis V Two just barely passes the trunk test, and it’s 66.4 lbs. It’s a handful to haul upstairs. Safety wise, this is the best mantis yet. It has the best lights, best brakes and the smoothest power by far. The hydraulic disk brakes are very responsive, so we recommend spending some time getting to know them, especially if you’re a new rider. Grabbing a fistful of hydraulic brakes can go wrong if you’re not ready to pros. Include ultra smooth throttle set, the new industry standard for base model performance, hydraulic brakes and finally, an IP rating. Cons include display could be brighter and ergonomics could be better. While you’re doing your research, here are a few other dual motor scooters that have similar price and performance. Wolf Warrior X higher top speed but also £13 heavier. Apollo Phantom V Two best ergonomics, but cost a few hundred bucks more, and the Ghost higher Max Rider weight at £300, but a few miles less range, the Cabo Mantis B Two is the best value yet. The smoother throttle makes it easier, safer, and just plain more fun to ride. There’s no question this is the best mantis we’ve ever tested.


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