This is the new 2022 Nami Burn E 2, which looks, rides, and feels like the original, but costs about three $500. This reduced performance version is basically the iPhone se of premium M electric Scooters. It not only keeps much of what we love about the burner but also adds a few noticeable improvements. In this review, we dive into the five new features and compare the Burnetwo’s.


Tested performance against comparable scooters, including the original Burne. We’ll also reveal the two features they took away and whether we think you’ll miss them or not. Don’t forget to use our exclusive $100.

If you remember, it’s the one that shocked us back in 2021, when it broke records during 13 of 16 Est performance tests. The new, slightly lighter Burnie Two looks the same but has much smaller motor controllers and a smaller battery. Let’s check out how those changes affect performance.

The Birdie Two surprised us, covering 49.1 miles on our range test course in top performance mode, only 4.2 miles Short of the original Bernie under identical conditions. Not bad, considering the Bernie Two’s 20% smaller battery. The acceleration of the Burnetwo is also completely exceeded our expectations, keeping up with the world’S biggest and fastest electric Scooters from zero to 35 mph.

It’s only at speeds of 40 or above that the bigger Scooters begin to pull away. The Bernie Two’s braking performance was basically unchanged, stopping from 15 mph in Ten 3ft versus the original’s 10.2.

The new Logan Two Piston hydraulic brakes on the Bernie Two feel noticeably better than the Nut brakes on the original Burn E. The more expensive Burnetwo Max will come with four-piston Logan calipers with even larger brake pads, so we expect its brakes to feel even better. The Birdie Two can sustain 35 climbing just about any Hill on our 10%.

Grade Hill climb test the Bernie 2 was the fourth quickest production Scooter we’ve ever tested, arriving just half a second behind our all-time champ. The original Bernie top speed is where the reduced performance spec becomes clear with an ESG certified top speed of 43. 8 is a full 15 mph slower than the original.

Now, I love going fast on electric Scooters. It’s one of my favorite things to do, but realistically, unless I’m out testing, I rarely want to go faster than. 40 mph, so 99% of the time. I wouldn’t feel held back by only being able to go 43.8 mph. So for me, giving up some top speed and saving $1,300 feels totally worth it.

Nami is the Ferrari of the electric scooter world, and I can say that from firsthand experience. The hand welded frame, carbon fiber stem adjustable shocks, Logan brakes, and new tool. But tires give the Burnetwo a better ride quality than literally any other Scooter I’ve ridden, Including the original Bernie.

The shocks let you dial in rebound damping from bouncy to super smooth. The Bernie is the only high-powered scooter that combines adjustable suspension with a welded tubular frame, and that’s why handling just feels so good right out of the box. Handling is exceptional, but if you wanted to handle like the race bike I used to win a motorcycle road racing Championship, check out our Nami setup.

The two versions of Heart below 35 sine wave motor controllers give you ultra-smooth throttle control, even in X mode. But it also has five customizable riding modes if you want to tame it even further. The Scooter does have his quirks, though.

The dead space in the throttle is still there, but still easy to avoid anchoring your thumb on the housing and rock your thumb into the lever. The throttle begins to engage when your thumb is even with the housing anchoring and also prevents accidental throttle when you hit a bump.

High-speed stability has been improved in two ways. The bars are now 27 inches wide versus 24 and a half and more importantly, the Bernie now comes with an adjustable steering damper, and our. The setup video covers how to use that, too.
The wider bars are also half an inch taller, making this the tallest scooter.

In our database and a good fit for riders from five foot seven to well over 6ft tall. The enormous deck is also good for larger feet and lets you change your stance during the longer rides we covered the steering damper, wider bars, and Logan brakes, but here’s a breakdown of some other important changes.

Aside from using a smaller battery, one of the places that Bernie saves money is by using generic battery cells. In the long term, generic cells probably lose 5% more charging capacity over the course of 500 Chargers.

But keep in mind that’s still 25,000 miles when it’s time to recharge. The Birdie Two now comes with a single five amp charger that will take it from zero to 100% in 6 hours. I like that the fan lets you know when it’s charging, but the sound Can get old if you have to be in the same room.

Waterproofing has clearly been improved, though the IP rating remains at IP 55 and the fenders they’re as good as ever. The Motors can now be unplugged from the main harness, which comes in handy during tire changes. It now has a steering stop that’s more resistant to bending, through the damper. Actually does that job now small improvements are everywhere fasteners have been.

Upgraded to much larger heads on the rotor bolts, deck bolts, and Fender bolts and this may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, this will prevent a lot of strips screw heads. And then there’s the improved welding on the belly pan. It doesn’t change the way it rides.

But it really looks a lot better turn signals now wrap all the way around the back and look amazing. Though they’re partially blocked by the new motor plug, the display appears to be slightly brighter than our original Nami, and as always, includes a USB charging port for your phone.
It’s also got cruise control that lets you dial in your speed, but we’re not sure how useful that really is on a beast scooter.

We were happy to see the new Burnie Two arrive double boxed and in excellent condition. The Burnie Two weighs in at just 4.5 pounds less than the original, but it’s still a 100-pound beast. It’s not going to fit in your trunk or under your desk, and you’re not going to want to carry it anywhere by yourself.
You can still fit it into an.

SUV, though some will criticize the non-folding handlebars and slow stem folding since the scooter just isn’t very portable, we appreciate that they optimize for excellent handlebars and stem feel instead the stem latch mechanism itself is unique, well made, and ends up perfectly snug every time.

In our previous review, we called out the short break cable which is still a little too short, so be careful pulling up on the stem while folding Also be careful to put your hand. Here and not here when lifting.

The Birdie Two is as safe as a beast scooter can be with the smooth throttle, excellent braking control, outstanding lights, and the coolest turn signals ever.
Being able to control power delivery independently to the front and rear Motors also means you could create your own rain mode with less power to the front end, which would definitely make it safer to exit corners in the rain.

Pros include amazing performance per dollar unbeatable ride quality thanks to the adjustable shocks, and it’s just really cool cons include dead space in the throttle Potential finger pinch point, and the short break cable makes folding awkward.

While you’re doing your research, here are a few other beast scooters that have similar performance. Zunami Burn E Two Max name brand battery and higher top speed, but also higher price. Wolf King Pro best high-speed stability But is 25 pounds heavier and more difficult to ride.

Dual Tron Thunder 210 miles, more range but slower to 30 less comfortable. Ergonomics, so who is this scooter for? To be honest, the Verde Two and really all 100-pound B scooters are for hardcore scooter enthusiasts. No one needs the performance of a 100-pound scooter for their commute, and. You need to be a bit of a scooter nerd to appreciate the full-tune ability of this Scooter.

The Birdie Two is for riders who enjoy the rarity of long-range and the ride quality of a handbuilt premium scooter but are willing to forgo a name-brand battery and eye-watering top speed in order to save $1,400. I’m honestly shocked at how good the Scooter is for the price.

This is the coolest scooter you can buy for about three $500. Basically it’s the Ferrari of Scooters at a Lexus price. Maybe they should have called it the Namiburn ESP.

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