10 Best long-range Electric scooter 2022

We took 85 Fully-charged long-range Electric scooters and rode them on our range test course until they just stopped going to determine which ones are the world’s best long-range electric scooters.

We used the same rider weight, same riding style, and each scooter set to its highest performance mode. Then we picked the best in 10 categories. So we have got the perfect long-range electric scooter for you whatever your situation.

We rode them all on the same 1.6-mile test loop, in the real world conditions the way a rider would. In other words, we ride as first as safely possible with a faster scooter hitting a peak speed of up to 35 miles per hour between stop signs. And since the world isn’t flat, our test loop includes 300 feet of elevation change per lap. So in this article, you are going to read some pretty different numbers than the maximum range numbers quoted by most manufacturers which are often based on riding 15 miles per hour on flat ground, without any stop or go.
Before we jump in I should point out that we’ll be going in order of increasing price, to cover the best weight, price, and use case for everybody.





Best long-range electric scooter for new riders. Appolo air is not only light and long-range, it’s without a doubt, the best handling scooter for made new riders. It’s also got a great app that shows how many miles range are remaining while you ride and a navigation feature that calculates whether you have enough juice to get there before you even leave.
Its 17.7 miles of the tested range is good for about an hour of spirited urban riding. While the Air pro is easy to ride, It’s still fun for experienced riders and that’s why one of the top 3 scooters we use in last-mile commutes every week.





The best long-range value. The horizon is like a small pickup truck: versatile, rugged, and just gets the job done. It punches above its class with a staggering 26 miles of range, 24 miles per hour top speed, and unstoppable hill climb power. It also gets surprisingly good front and rear suspension, so you can cover the whole 26 miles without warning yourself out.





Segway is the best long-range electric scooter for reliability. No range test list would be complete without including Segway ninebot max. Famous for reliability, long-range, and for being the number one scooter for commuting in the rain; It’s no wonder the max is such a popular sharing scooter.

With a top speed of 17.8 miles per hour, It’s the slowest scooter on the list, and not the most exciting to ride, but on the other hand, it’s so practical that people tend to keep them around as a second scooter long after upgrading to something faster. The best combination of range and portability.





Uscooters are the very definition of ultra-portable While the Uscooters GT SE has the shortest range on this list at 15.2 miles.

it’s also the lightest and most compact by far, making it easy to switch modes of transit throughout the day.




Emove cruiser is the best long-range commuter. The Emove cruiser is the world’s most famous long-range scooter. The enormous deck, flat-resistant tubeless tire, and stratospheric ipx6 water resistance rating making it the best long-range commuting. For 2022 The cruiser got more power and higher top speed but still pulls off 47 miles of real-world range.

That means most city commuters will only need to charge it once a week. Big range, of course, means a havier scooter but even at 59 pounds, the cruiser has an unstoppable range per dollar thanks to a usual better choice. It uses large power-dense LG 21700 cells.




Best seated scooter. It’s a good thing Voro’s E-move Roadrunner has a seat because with one quick battery swap this scooter can cover an ESG-certified 66 miles. That’s three hours of none stop urban riding.

AT 15 pounds the road runner battery is just the size to maximize range without being heavy to carry. It also means it also you can lock the scooter up outside and just bring the battery inside to charge. The roadrunner is super fun for concerning or fast cruising and anybody who can ride a bicycle will have no trouble riding one. Best long-range scooter for sports riding.




The Appolo Phantom surprised us When it came with an impressive combination of 31.4 miles of range and a top speed of nearly 40 miles per hour. The stiff no wobble stem, high-mounted headlight quad-suspension 10 by 3-inch tires were the best we had ever seen and it was the first scooter to show the remaining miles of range right on the display.

The V1 has its issues but now the phantom V2 and upcoming V3 have smoothed out the throttle and introduced brighter displays and there are upgrade packages to bring V1s up to V2s and soon they’ll offer upgrades to V3.




Kabbo wolf warrior x pro is the best long-range for grand touring. If you want to get somewhere and feel like you won the road the Wolf warrior X is seriously the best; minimal effort, maximum speed. I think this is the scooter James Bond would ride. With 40.9 miles of tested range, the pro has an amazing range per Dollar. But if 32 miles is enough for you, the base model costs 600 less and we love its smoother sinewave motor controller. It’s hard to get a feel for how much smaller these and the big Wolf scooters are.





Best for off-road. The wolf warrior 11 is the original best scooter and the world’s best-loved long-range scooter for off-roading. It has all the power you’ll ever need off-road and when it’s covered with dirt, You’ll feel better knowing you saved 20 to 30 percent versus a wolf king GT pro.

You’ll also appreciate that it’s 20 pounds lighter as well.





Fastest long-range scooter. With an ESG-certified top speed of 61 miles per hour, the wolf king GT pro is the fastest and most stable scooter we have ever tasted. If you have ridden Warrior or Wolf king the GT pro’s new display improved water resistance and ultra-smooth sign wave controller are huge upgrades. Keep in mind, that the range drops drastically for sustained speeds above 30 miles per hour, but for urban riders, you can expect nearly three hours of continuous sport riding from the Wolf king GT.

And as I found out, it can cover more miles than I can. We should point out that the Wolf king GT pro with 55 miles of range, beat the new Dualtron Thunder 2 in this category, despite the thunder King’s amazing range of 59.5 miles.
The thunder II is a stunning performer, but the king GT pros smoothness wins out when it comes to long-range riding.

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