BEST Lightweight Electric Scooter

Scooters have superpowers in two key areas of portability and accessibility. For example, they’re much more portable than Ebikes and much easier to ride than Eskateboards or electric unicycles, we’ve thoroughly hands-on, technique-tested over 100 scooters, and today we’re bringing you the top lightweight Scooters that you can buy.

Whether you want a lightweight Scooter that can go fast, take you far or uphills, has a swappable battery, or has high rider weight capacity, this top list is for you. Honorable Mention The lightest Scooter you could reasonably buy and ride today is the Segway nine-watt AR T 15 at 23.8 pounds. However, though it’s a unique design, we can only award it an honorable mention due to some glaring faults.


It’s frustratingly slow with a measured maximum speed of 12.4 miles per hour. It covers the shortest distance of any Scooter we’ve ever tested and has a low real-world rider weight capacity and a very poor ride quality. Though pretty, the T 15 Air is more of a concept than a commuter ride quality and handling.




A Scooter we can recommend is the Apollo AirPro. Choosing a lightweight Scooter isn’t easy because of the trade-offs between lightweight range and ride quality.

The Air Pro is an entry-level scooter that delivers amazing ride quality, handling, and good range while still being relatively lightweight at 37 pounds, it’s one of the heaviest models on this list, but we’ve selected it because of its other benefits and because it can still be carried without too much trouble.

The Air pro’s dual ten-inch Pneumatic tires and front suspension make the ride one of the very best at this price point. It’s intuitive to ride and has a roomy deck both great things for new riders. The Apollo Air Pro delivers satisfying performance on hills and on flat ground and will hit an ESG-certified top speed of 18.8 mph with 17.7 miles of range, it’s got enough range for any crosstown commute and for very short commutes.


The front drum and rear regenerator brakes have a stopping distance of just 11ft, offering great safety while being easy for new riders to control.

Pros include exceptional stability and handling, great ride quality for the weight class, and very beginner-friendly.

Cons include regenerative brakes could be smoother, not the most affordable on this list, and Kickstand is hard to deploy.

HIBOY  S2 Lightweight Electric Scooter


Lightweight affordable at just under $500 and with a top speed of 19, highway S Two is one of the best Scooters out there when it comes to performance per dollar. It’s also got rear suspension, which helps to deliver above-average ride quality in spite of its solid honeycomb tires.

We generally don’t recommend buying Scooters lower than this price point because build quality tends to be poor and after-sale customer support and warranties can be nightmarish. You also definitely need a vehicle, not an upgraded toy, when it comes to transportation and safety.

The S Two, on the other hand, has an industry-standard one-year warranty. We think the S Two performance and warranty make it a better value than many scooters costing fifty dollars to one hundred dollars less.

Pros include reasonable acceleration, higher top speed per dollar, and a dual braking system.

Cons include ride quality on the rougher side and great value, but you get what you pay for design and urban lifestyle. Gorgeous and ultralightweight.




Unagi Model One is most notably available through Unagi’s no commitment monthly scooter rental service, which is the world’s largest scooter rental subscription offering by a long shot. This allows you to treat it like it’s your own, starting at $39 a month while having free repairs, servicing, and theft and damage insurance covered at the cheapest rate you’ll find anywhere today.

Unagi has been around since 2018, making its claim to fame on sleek design, great ergonomics, dual motors, and premium materials like carbon fiber.

This has led the press to label Unagi the Apple or even Tesla of the space, given the full service and brand-driven focuses of the company. However, as you’ll see with all lightweight scooters, there are trade-offs. Two of the main ones are the Nagi’s ride quality will send you towards more paved surfaces, and it’s ideal for urban environments, but not so much being a suburban car replacement or overall longer range use cases.

Now he’s for people who want an ideal commuter scooter and appreciate a full-service experience and a great brand wrapped by celebrities and creatives. If you’d rather own than subscribe, you can buy the dual-motor Model One for $990 or the single motor for $790.

Pros include great rental service deal, excellent speed and power for its lightweight design, highly maneuverable in dense urban environments, beautiful and sleek, premium materials, and ergonomics.

Cons include not for long rage rides, and it has a firmer ride.




Lightweight Powerhouse Portability and lightweight aren’t just important when it comes to carrying scooters upstairs, but also when it’s time to snow one in the trunk, hop on a bus, taxi, or train, or even just stash one in the closet.

Uscooters have been exclusively selling ultra-portable and lightweight electric scooters for a full decade. Now they partner with a manufacturer called E Two out and up until recently, essentially any scooter you saw in the US.

Their scooters are known for both performances per pound and reliability. The Uscooter gt smart edition, aka Gtse, adds Bluetooth connectivity and a new app, but it’s the 700 watts of heat power that really steals the show. Coming any day now is a new scooter sport, which is expected to go a whopping 28 and reach a very strong range.

A key feature that your scooters have been promoting with the launch is the top-shelf Samsung battery cells they’re using, which should produce both longevity and performance.


The Gtse has plush front and rear suspension, but vibrations from the rough pavements still come through. Despite its larger battery and new drum break, the ESG-certified weight stays a surprisingly low 29.6 pounds. The folded dimensions, while not as small as the Booster V, are still among the very best lightest, and most portable.




If you want to go even smaller, the Uscooter Booster V adds new meaning to the term ultra portable with the smallest folded size of any scooter we’ve tested, but you’ll give up a noticeable amount of range and top speed versus the Sport or GTse.

Pros of the Gtse include premium battery cells in the GT Sport longstanding, reliable brand focused on lightweight scooters, and its ultra-portable.

Cons include more utility-focused than aesthetics-focused ride is a bit jittery and Radly, though suspension for large bumps is good and low tire grip on wet surfaces.


Fluid Mosquito


Lightweight Speedstar the Fluid Mosquito is the fastest ultra portable scooter we’ve ever tested, with a top speed of 27.7 miles per hour.

Leading scooter retailers in the US. Fluid free ride just released the Mosquito, providing their own unique spec to the manufacturer e two out. None of the scooters in this rocket’s 29 six-pound weight class even come close to matching its top speed per pound, and the Mosquito folds down small enough to take it just about anywhere.

It’s easy to ride, the deck is large, and so is the rider’s weight capacity at 265 pounds, but the braking distance and traction in wet conditions could be a bit better. Perfection of utility and top speed is the story for this scooter, and its hill climbing is also good.

The Mosquito includes a full suspension that actually does a pretty OK job smoothing out larger bumps, but one con is that along with the strong utility focus of the scooter, you also get a ride quality that’s a bit jittery. Newly released Mosquito pros include ultra-portable, unbeatable top speed, and proven reliability.

Cons include jittery ride quality, longer braking distance, and poor traction on wet surfaces. Lightweight for beginners.



The income light 2, has a very low deck height and low weight at 30 pounds, resulting in a confidence-inspiring ride that’s perfect for new riders but still fun for the more experienced. The only thing that may not be optimal for new riders is the price, though it’s clear you gain some premium design from one of the most longstanding global scooter makers.

Acceleration is easy to handle, but it’s got speed if you need it topping out at 21 mph on flat ground, the front and rear drum brakes are easy for new riders to use safely while still delivering excellent stopping power. The folding handlebars angle back towards the rider for comfort, and the ergonomics of the foam grips and thumb throttle are top-notch.

The scooter rolls uncomfortable eight-and-a-half-inch air-filled tires, which more than makeup for the lack of suspension.

Pros include strong and safe dual drum brakes, ultra-portable, top-notch build quality, great design, and a low deck height that inspires confidence.

Cons include relatively expensive and lackluster power lightweight with the longest range.

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