NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Scooter

This is the KQI2. It’s by NIU a company you probably haven’t heard of yet but is one of the most experienced and high-volume electric vehicle makers on the planet. NIU has over 2 million electric mopeds on the streets and that are more units on the road than Tesla. Very recently, they turned their attention to Kick Scooters and the KQI2. Their newest and least expensive model may quickly become their best seller. Is this the best scooter you can buy for under $600 in 2022? Let’s find out.

Having made over 2 million CD electric scooters is no wonder why NIU’s first, Kick Scooters look and feel like real vehicles and not toys. As a global heavyweight in light electric vehicles, it’s clear how NIU has been able to produce scooters with quality that’s competitive with top-shelf Segway Ninebots. But at a price of a go track and a warranty that beats them both, we’ll cover NIU’s unusual warranty later. Don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code and the purchase link that you’ll find in the video’s description of our range test course. The KQI2 surprises cover 15.7 miles in top performance mode, beating every comparable scooter on the range and average speed.

The ESG-certified top speed of the KQI2 is 16.3 Sport mode, which is typical for its price class, though just short of its claimed 17. 4 mph spec. The KQI2 48 volts system definitely has enough power to go faster, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an over-the-air firmware update brings the top speed of our test scooter up to 17.4. A top speed above 15 mph helps you avoid getting stuck behind bikes in the Bike Lane, especially going uphill. If you want to limit the top speed, you can also put it into the pedestrian mode, save mode, or custom mode, which lets you select any speed below the scooter’s maximum.

The latest version of the app lets you turn on cruise control to activate it. Just hold the throttle down for 8 seconds and the scooter will continue at the same speed. Then to turn it off, hit the throttle again, or touch the brakes. The KQI2 was an above-average Hill climber on our super steep 10% Hill Climb test but really shines when climbing more typical four to 6% Hills. I was able to maintain the 15 steepest part of our range test course right up until the last 2 miles.

Acceleration is on par with other scooters in his class, getting from zero to 15. Even in sports mode, the throttle feels smooth and gradual, so anyone will be able to handle it. The athlete lets you set energy recovery to low, medium, or high, causing the scooter to automatically slow down. When you release the throttle, the energy from slowing down, then recharges the battery. The KQI2 app doesn’t have a zero start function, so you’ll always need to kick it to get it going. NIU omitted this feature to prevent new riders from getting caught off guard.

The braking system is truly exceptional and right in the Goldilocks Zone. It’s strong enough to outbreak every scooter in its price class, but with no possibility of going over the handlebars. They’ve done this by using a small 75-millimeter drum brake up front, which resists skidding and strong regenerative braking in the rear. The single brake lever on the left-hand side activates both but does require a firm squeeze to get maximum stopping power. The rear brake won’t skin under normal conditions but gives you an extraordinary level of braking control if you feel like kicking it out sideways.

On purpose. The KQI2 has the ride quality of a larger, more expensive Scooter because NIU has used its extensive design experience to give the KQI2 more of everything that makes a scooter feel stable and wobble free. Taller, wider handlebars, larger ten-inch diameter tires, and a larger rake angle, all of which add up to a lower chance of crashing if you take one hand off the handlebars. The KQI2 doesn’t have suspension, but the ten-inch diameter Pneumatic tires do a great job of soaking up bumps in the road, and because the tires are tubeless like motorcycle tires, they’re impervious to pinch flats, eliminating one of the leading causes of flat tires. Pro Tip Set tire pressure at 45 PSI rather than the 50 PSI maximum.

You’ll get a noticeable improvement in ride quality and a barely noticeable reduction of maximum range in combination with a rock-solid frame and rear-wheel drive. All of these things make the KQI2 a wobble-free, rattle-free, corner-carving monster that makes you just want to keep riding and riding. You can feel NIU’s electric motor scooter routes in their build quality, and that’s a very good thing.

Let’s look at five examples. The headlight with the always-on Halo makes the rider more visible, and the fact that it’s adjustable means you can put the light right where you need it. The dash is bright and easy to read even in direct sunlight. If the dash ever seems dim in daylight, turn off the headlight, the dash will get brighter, and the Halo, of course, stays on. Water protection is outstanding and makes the IP 54 water resistance rating feel conservative, so it didn’t worry me at all to do the entire range test in the rain. The stem latch is quick and easy to operate and has such a satisfying feel to it, that you may end up doing a double-take when you encounter a component that feels as good as this.

It really says something about the quality of the overall scooter. The kickstand is easy to kick down and gives the scooter just the right amount of lean. The Scooter is available in Gray or white and comes with grip tape, which is rare to find on small scooters. We love the grippy feel, and we also like that they give you a colorful spare plus four other styles that you can buy on their website.

We really appreciate NIU recyclable packaging too. We review more scooters than anyone in the world, so we’ve got more than our share of difficult to recycle Styrofoam. Most of the feature set is pretty standard, but the KQI2 still over-delivers on build quality for the price, and we haven’t even gotten to the unusual warranty yet. Unless expensive scooters are not uncommon The one-year warranty only covers the battery for six months. The KQI2 warranty is an outlier, covering all of the most expensive parts, including the battery, motor, controller, and dash for two years. This points out why you should always read the warranty for any scooter you’re considering. For example, Go Tracks only covers their scooters for 90 days at 40 lbs. With unfolding handlebars, portability is good, but certainly not ultra-portable.

That said, it fits in most trunks and I’d have no problem carrying it up to three or more flights of stairs. It’s clear from the app that NIU is serious about safety. When you first get the scooter, you’ll need to briefly plug it in or it won’t turn on at all. Then you’ll have to download their app, pair it with a scooter, and watch a short safety tutorial. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, the scooter limits you to 6 mph for the first 500 meters before you can engage in sports mode.

The KQI2 smooth braking and throttle make it as safe as a scooter can be. Pros Include Excellent range per dollar, ease to ride, outstanding ride quality, and build quality. Cons include doesn’t have zero starts and the seven-hour charging time is a little longer than typical. While you’re doing your research, here are a few scooters in the same price class. Oki Neon Strong Hill climber but 33% longer stopping distance Hybrid S Two Highest top speed but worst ride quality due to smaller solid tires Apollo Air Smoothest ride quality due to front suspension but slow Hill climber. Segway Nine X F 30 Lighter weight but a lower top speed and shorter range.

The NIU KQI2 is one of the very best choices for new riders because it’s an easy, fun, and high-quality ride with a price and warranty that seemed too good to be true. NIU is one of the top companies we’re watching in the coming years. So is this the best scooter you can buy right now for under $600?

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