Kaabo Wolf Warrior X pro Electric Scooter

Kaabo wolf warrior x pro

Here is Kaabo Wolf Warrior X, and this is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro. They’re not just smaller, less expensive Wolf warriors for most riders, they’re better Wolf Warriors.

We all recognize the Wolf Warrior 11, the unique beast scooter and one of the world’s exceptional heavyweights each on and offroad. Well, if they’re so great, why don’t we see them every day? It’s because at 102 pounds they can be a little difficult for most people to live with. So Kaabo solved that problem by bringing out the slimmed-down Wolf Warrior X, which retains the best things about the Wolf Warrior 11 in a package that’s a perfect fit for most riders between 160 and 220 pounds.

In this article, we will cover what the Wolf x’s do better than the Wolf Warrior. A couple of things they do worse and who would be better off with a Mantis instead?


Details summary of Kaabo wolf warrior X pro & X


We’ve also got a world’s first. We’ll take the Wolf Warrior X Pro and compare its tested performance against the Wolf Warrior X base model, one of the world’s first scooters to come, with a sign drive motor controller. The performance results are going to surprise you.

And at the very end of the article, we’ll tell you why we think one of the two Wolf X’s is just plain better than the other. At a retail price of $2,099, the base Model X is the first Wolf Warrior to break into the light heavyweight price category. For $400 more, the Pro gives you a 33% larger battery made with LG cells, a mini motor controller, and an EY3 display.


The X’s are smaller and lighter than the Wolf Warrior 11 plus. But are they as quick? Almost. The Wolf Warrior 11 plus and Mantis Pro are the quickest of the group from zero to 20 mph but the X’s are never slow. The base model X beats the lightning-fast Mantis Pro to 30 every speed beyond. This brings us to the first surprise. The base model Wolf Warrior X is quicker and has a higher top speed than the Pro model.


This is due to the base model’s 30 amp controller, which is strangely higher than the Pro’s 27 amp controller. On the race track, the Wolf Warrior X’s smooth acceleration is a huge advantage. Jomar Tariman of Kabul, Philippines Racing told us that he could turn faster last time on the Wolf Warrior X Pro than the Wolf Warrior 11 plus or even the Wolf King because of the Ex’s superior throttle response and handling. While they don’t have the arm yanking quickness of the Wolf Warrior 11 plus, the X and X Pro have all the top speed you’ll ever need.

They both easily beat the Mantis Pro, and the base Wolf Warrior X surprisingly comes within 1 Wolf Warrior 11 plus. The Wolf Warrior X scooters maybe 22 pounds lighter than the 11 plus, but they give up nothing on the range.


Range Test


The X Pro is the fifth longest-range scooter we’ve ever tested. It covered 40.9 miles in top performance mode on our range test circuit. The base model Wolf Warrior X beat the Big Wolf and nearly matched the Mantis Pro. Despite having the smallest battery capacity of the group, all four comparison scooters are equipped with Zoom hydraulic brakes.

Stopping the Wolf Warrior X’s required more hand strength than the Wolf Warrior 11 Plus or the Mantis Pro, but ironically, this led to better stopping distances because it was easier to find the limits of traction. The Wolf X’s beat the comparison scooters here, as well as 91% of the Scooters we’ve ever tested.


Ride quality


The Wolf Warrior 11 Plus and Wolf Warrior X base models are both among the top ten fastest Scooters ever to scale our 10% test hill. Here again, another surprise! The base model beat the Pro by more than half a second. The Wolf Warrior X and Pro are fantastic grand tours with hydraulic dual stem front suspension and spring polyurethane suspension at the back end. These are scooters to be able to get you to your vacation spot speedy and conveniently at the same time as carving corners the complete way.

I have to agree with the Kaabo racing team here. The Wolf Warrior X is one of the exceptional dealing with scooters ever made. One thing you may not know is Wolf’s dual stem build lends itself to less wobble at high speed due to its design. Think of an ice skater with their arms spread out. They spin extremely slowly in comparison to while they convey about their fingers inward.

The greater weight it’s similarly from the pivot point, the greater pressure it’ll take to rotate left and right. So a dual stem will naturally tend to have a less rotational wobble and have less need for a steering damper than a scooter with a single stem. The twin dual clamp collars also mean no wobble from front to back. Handlebar height is a very comfortable 39 inches from the deck, surprisingly more than an inch taller than the Wolf Warrior 11 Plus.


And this is a very good thing as our favorite handlebars are usually 40 to 41 inches tall. The Wolf X’s deck is half an inch longer than the deck of the Wolf Warrior 11 Plus, but it’s also 1.2 inches narrower, resulting in 13% less deck space overall, so it’s noticeably smaller than the 11 Plus.

However, it’s still right on par with most light heavyweight scooters and has plenty of room to move around during long rides. The Wolf Warrior X scooters come standard from fluid Freeride with road tires. They have excellent grip and their quiet tread pattern helps reveal the scooters. Silent cars and rattle unfastened journey off avenue tires also are to be had and comparatively clean to alternate due to the breakup rims.


Like other Kaabo Scooters, the Wolf x’s grips don’t have great palm support, but they’re very easy to change. The new headlight and turn signal buttons are located within easy reach light up to indicate which lights are active and have an excellent tactile and audible click. The turbo and dual buttons look and feel great, but continue to disappoint by making you guess which mode you’re in. The throttles are a mixed bag.


The base model Wolf x comes equipped with the Lt One throttle, which has better finger ergonomics as it can be adjusted closer to the brake lever, but can be challenging to read in direct sunlight. The EY 3 throttle is easy on the eyes, but its bulk means a larger reach between the brake and the throttle, even when the two are adjusted as close together as can be.

Overall fit and finish are everything you’d expect from a Wolf Warrior, except gradual plastic side lights on the deck would make us reluctant to take it very far off-road. The rear fender protection is not great if you decide to ride in the rain, you’ll want to extend the rear fender or you’re going to get wet.

Speaking of rear fenders, early units had a problem with the rear tire rubbing on the inside of the fender over large bumps. We’re glad to record that this hassle has been solved. Our resident big dog, Raymore, reported no fender dragging issues on either of our Wolf x’s, even when riding off curves.

Another recent upgrade from kaabo is that the new Wolf Warrior scooters now come with stronger forged aluminum and caps on the forks. One thing we didn’t care for is the way the wiring on the side of the forks gets pinched when the handlebars are turned fully to the right. This is easy to avoid if you’re aware of it, but it would be even easier if Cowboy had just installed a proper steering stop for the very big dogs. The Wolf Warrior 11 and the Wolf King are still the best choices. Maximum rider weight for the X is higher than most at 265 pounds, but still below the exceptional 330-pound spec of the 11+ and the King.


The X and X Pro are 22 pounds lighter and more than a foot shorter than the Wolf Warrior 11 Plus, which means that it’s possible to load one by yourself even if you don’t own a truck. The Wolf x’s twin double clamp folding mechanism takes about twice as long to fold and deploy as the Mantis’s clamp but is faster and more intuitive than the big Wolf’s cool but needlessly complex design, which gets longer when folded. The Wolf axis is slightly shorter than the Mantis when folded, and several inches taller, but still passes our trunk test.


The 65-pound Mantis is definitely the best of the group when it comes to portability. The X is the whole bundle for protection and one of the nicest scooters ever for nighttime riding. Both models come with the same dazzling Double as chance lighting and superb deck lighting fixtures with an app that helps you to manipulate the lights, pattern, shadeation, and speed. The motorcycle-grade horn is ideal in traffic, however, you could need to feature a bell to keep away from startling pedestrians.

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