Is Scooty and Scooter Same? What is the difference?

The auto transmission gearless two-wheelers that we usually see on the street, we almost all unknowingly call these “Scooty.” But should this really be called Scooty? Are Scooty and Scooter the same? If they aren’t. Then what is the difference between Scooter and Scooty? In this blog, I will discuss which car should be called a scooter and which car should be called a Scooty. 

What is a Scooter?

A scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle with a step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet. Generally, a scooter is just a motorcycle with a structure different from a motorbike. But it is considered safer and more family oriented than motorcycles. The Scooter was first developed in the early 1900s and has continued to gain popularity daily. But today’s Scooters are more beautiful and stylish that they look far more glamorous than motorbikes. It feels more convenient while you are riding it. So you do not have to worry about gears.

Moreover, Scooters come with storage space. The self-start button made Scooters popular among girls. Today, nearly all girls move around easily and comfortably on their Scooters. For convenience, even men have switched to Scooters instead of traditional motorcycles. 

What is a Scooty?

Scooty is an Indian Scooters brand which is manufactured by TVS Motors. It is the best seller Scooter brand in its segment and is mainly designed for women. But now most people think that Scooty represents a generic name for any women’s two-wheeler. Now most scooters available in the market are gearless, and they call any gearless scooter a Scooty.

Is Scooty and Scooter Same?

Yes, Scooty and Scooter are the same things. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that It is not any particular vehicle name. Whereas, Scooty is a famous brand of Scooter. You will be wrong if you mistakenly consider any gearless scooter a Scooty. Because all gearless Scooters which woman use are not Scooty. Now you will get several gearless scooters in the market. 

What is the difference between Scooter and Scooty?

Scooty is the most usually used term to describe a gear-less scooter. The word itself has become so popular that most people call any gearless scooter available in the market a Scooty. When we use the term “Scooter,” maximum people subconsciously relate it to a Bajaj Chetak or an LML Vespa.

Because that time, geared scooters used to be so popular that people called them scooters. On the other hand, a trendy gear-less scooter was known as ‘Kinetic Honda.’ Although there were other gear-less scooters in the market, TVS made this lightweight, compact gear-less Scooter for women riders in 2005.

When it was time to set a name for this Scooter, they gave this segment’s name, ‘Scooty Pep.’ TVS made this segment highly popular, and people in India call any gearless scooter a ‘Scooty.’ Then the other automobile companies also launched different types of gearless scooters. TVS’s ‘Scooty Pep’ has become so popular that people picked the term ‘Scooty’ from the ‘Scooty Pep.’ After that, the actual word, ‘Scooter,’ lost its identity.

But technically, all the gearless two-wheeler are called Scooters. Not only that, if you visit all the automobile company’s websites, you will also see that all the gearless two-wheeled vehicles from different categories are denoted as Scooters. Moreover, there are no vehicles called Scooty. It is just a brand model name of the TVS company. Even ‘Scooter Pep’ is also a Scooter.

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