How to change the Battery on an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is an innovative mode of transportation for people of all ages due to its practicality, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Since an electric scooter is very easy to use and carry, people make it an important part of their daily life. Moreover, an electric scooter can be operated continuously for ample periods of time. But you need to remove your scooter battery when it stops working or no longer turning on. In this blog, I will share all the aspects of an electric scooter’s battery and guide you on how to change the battery on an electric scooter.

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What do you need to change the battery on an electric scooter?

You need a few tools to change the battery of an electric scooter. Here are some of the tools you require-

  1. A basic screwdriver
  2. spanner
  3. Allen keys
  4. 8 mm wrench
  5. Needle nose pliers

How to change the battery on an electric scooter?

How to change the Battery on an Electric Scooter

Remove the Panel on the Deck:

The first thing you need to do is switch off your electric scooter before starting to change the battery. Then remove the panel on the bottom or top of the electric scooter. To make this procedure easy, turn the scooter upside down. Depending on the screws or bolts on the panel and their size, you need a few tools like a screwdriver, spanner, and Allen keys to unscrew the panel. Try to bring all the pieces together after unscrewing the panel.

Remove the Battery from the Deck:

Once you remove the panel from the deck, remove the battery carefully from the battery. After that, you need to remove the cables and connectors which is connected to the battery. It would be best to take a photo of the battery and other things before unplugging them. It will help youtube insert the wires in the correct order.  

Insert the New Battery:

After removing the old battery, take a new one and insert it inside the deck. Now you can see the photo you snapped while removing the battery, which helps you insert all the wires and connectors correctly in the battery. If your electric scooter’s battery has bottom wires, plug them in. Then connect the top sires. To ensure safety, please plug each wire and connector tightly. 

Close the Deck:

Once you insert the battery and connect the wires securely, close off the deck. Now take all the screws and bolts and insert all of them in the panel in the correct order. You can refer to the photo you snapped to ensure all the screws and bolts are placed correctly. You also have to screw them tightly to avoid loose wires and currents. After attaching the panel perfectly, test your scooter to see if everything works properly. If you find any issues, go to the local mechanic to repair your scooter. 

How to maximize the battery life on your scooter?

It is very important to take proper care of your electric scooter if you want to use it for a long time. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to maximize the battery life on your scooter-

  • Always change the battery only when your scooter battery is cooled down.
  • Don’t ride your scooter for a long time. Take short breaks and then again ride your scooter.
  • Keep your scooter dry.
  • Try to keep your scooter fully charged at all times.
  • Never use a local charger. Always try to use the original charger to charge your scooter.
  • Please don’t ride your scooter when your scooter charging level is below 20%.

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