Fluid Mosquito electric scooter

Fluid Mosquito is the Fastest ultra-portable scooter we’ve ever tested. It’s 10 miles an hour faster than the Ninebot Max G 30 LP, but also goes further and weighs 10 pounds less, making it a great scooter for urban commuters. In this review, we’ll compare the Mosquito’s test and performance and ride quality against the world’s best portable scooters and find out what it’s like to ride the fastest scooter that you can take just about anywhere.

If the Mosquito looks familiar, it’s because It’s been manufactured by etual a pioneer of ultra-portable electric scooters since 2013. The Mosquito was developed jointly by Fluid and E Tuao and built to a unique Fluid spec. Also unique is Fluid Free Ride Support. They’ve got three retail locations in the US, and if you preorder the Mosquito, it comes with an unusually long warranty which we’ll cover later.

With an ESG-certified top speed of 27 miles per hour. Mosquito is by far the fastest ultra Portable scooter we’ve ever tested. Nothing else even comes close in terms Of top speed versus weight. Despite the Mosquito’s high top speed and Ultralightweight. It still has a better range than the famous Ninebot Max G 30 LP, and in fact, the only scooter that beats the Mosquito for range per pound is a scooter we really can’t recommend.

During the range test, the Mosquito gave us plenty of warning before cutting off. When the battery meter hit 0%, I was still able to cover another 2 miles, averaging about 10 mosquito is surprisingly powerful for its size, with 500 Watts nominal and 700 Watts peak power, but because the power comes on gradually, it’s still very easy for new riders to handle.

The Mosquito accelerates from zero to 15 In 5.1 seconds, quicker than all of its peers except the ten-pound heavier EMove Touring and Dual motor. Unagi. The Mosquito’s high power-weight ratio makes it an excellent Hill climber, too.

And one of the best small scooters for larger riders with an average speed of our 10% grade test Hill of 9.3 mph from a standing start, the Mosquito stops from 15 mph in a fairly typical 15. 4ft, using both brakes, with regen braking. Turned all the way up right out of the box. The Mosquito has regen set softer to make it easier to ride but results In a stopping distance of 25ft. There’s also a stompbreak Outback, but we. Think most riders are unlikely to use It since it’s not as convenient as just using the brake levers.

The Mosquito’s building is all about utility Solid tires mean you’ll never get a flat and you’ll never need to check your tire pressure but the tradeoff is a rougher ride. The Mosquito’s full suspension does a great Job smoothing out large bumps, but jitters. Rough pavements still come through, so the overall ride isn’t as smooth as a scooter with no suspension and air-filled tires.

The Mosquito feels perfectly sprung for riders from 140 to 200 lbs. Though Art resident Big Dog Raymere says It even works for his 250-pound rider weight. Being low maintenance and light makes a Mosquito the kind of scooter people keep for a very long time. In fact, owners of earlier generations seem to always want to show you their odometers and tell you about the thousands of flat-free miles they’ve covered.

Vendor protection is good, and the Scooter. Has a water resistance rating of IPX. So you’re probably okay if you get caught in light rain, but we don’t recommend riding through deep puddles. As always, it’s good to keep in Mind that scooter companies generally don’t cover water damage under warranty, so splash at your own risk.

For years, a common bug of earlier versions was a rattling rear Fender. This was one of the details that Fluid has sorted out on the Mosquito. The Mosquito comes with a twelve-month warranty, but Fluid is currently offering an additional year warranty free for those who preorder for the best price and an Exclusive ESG coupon code.

The Mosquito has relatively narrow folding handlebars. They’re just a little wider than the keyboard on my laptop, so I got used to them after just a couple of miles. The left side has a thumb control for the regeneration brake, and the right side has a thumb throttle and a brake lever for the rear drum brake.

In the middle is a color liquid crystal display that shows your speed, and percent Battery remaining, and odometer. The speedometer is easy to read while riding in the sunlight, but the smaller Numbers are best read in the shade or while standing still. Fluid free rides Standard P settings give. The Mosquitoes smooth throttle and braking, making it easy for new riders to learn on but it also has more aggressive settings for those of us who like to push the limits.

The Hail bars have two available heights 36 and 39 inches, so it will fit just about anyone comfortably. The deck is surprisingly roomy at 20 inches long. That’s longer than the Big Nine Bot Max and within a quarter-inch of the Wolf King T. This lets, you shift your stance and stay comfortable during long rides.

Also handy for long rides is that the Mosquito has cruise control, which engages after holding the throttle steady for 5 seconds and disengages if you touch the throttle or the electronic brake. The Scooter defaults to having the cruise control off, so it doesn’t catch anyone by surprise, but it’s easy to turn on in the Pea settings. The Mosquito is the very definition of ultra-portable.

In fact, I don’t even need to make it as small as it can get to put it in the trunk. But when fully folded, the size, weight, and has a carry handle right at the balance point means you can sneak it in just about anywhere without feeling awkward. Grocery Shopping doctor appointments. It’s also handy when you want to switch modes of transportation, like to a bus or an Uber.

Ultra affordable can also come in handy when you’re not on the move, especially for those who live in small apartments the Mosquito has a pretty typical profile for safety with a high mounted headlight and standard tail light. The Horn is piercing and the button Is right within reach of your left Thumb, but you’ll need to remember which button it is since you can’t see.

The label while riding the stem latch engages solidly every time, but there’s also a safety catch to Eliminate the possibility of accidentally folding if you step on the latch while riding. Pros include Ultimate Portability, Unbelievable top Speed For its weight class, and proven reliability Cons include Ride can be jittery, has longer braking distance, and does not have the best traction in The wet, and the display could be brighter. While you’re doing your research, here are Some scooters with similar prices and performances.

Emove touring, a stronger Hill climber and quicker To 15 mph, but lower top speed And 10 pounds heavier.

Unagi Model One E 500, less range and speed, but gorgeous design and materials like carbon fiber and available with Unagi’s famous subscription Model.

Nine Bot Max G 30 LP, shorter stopping.

Distance and smoother ride, but the Mosquito essentially beats it in every other way and is 10 pounds lighter. So who’s the Mosquito for? Smaller riders and new riders will like it because it’s light and easy to ride, but larger and more experienced riders will like it because it’s a good Hill climber and it’s fast, which of course means we haven’t narrowed things down at all. But who is it not for?

If you’re looking for a feature-rich Scooter with a silky smooth corner-carving ride, The Mosquito and its solid tires may not be for you. On the other hand, The Mosquito is An excellent choice for those who want maximum utility. In other words, rapid, ultra-reliable transportation. In a scooter so small you can take it just about anywhere.

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