Top 10 Fastest electric scooter

This top list for those who aren’t afraid to fly down the road and listen carefully without spending on pricey throttles, Meet the ultimate toy for adrenaline lovers.

Top 10 fastest electric scooters


Introduce you to the most convenient machine in the weeping head series the fold coupe features dual hub motors and a Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery that delivers 60 volts at 40 amp-hours. You’ll have no major issue as it only weighs 76 pounds about the same as an adult labrador retriever.

Cruising through your city will be no problem, thanks to this scooter.

09- ZERO 11X

This fastest electric scooter is equipped with a 72 volt 26 amp hour battery, don’t settle for just ruling over the road. With its 11-inch tires, you can go on an adventure through the most challenging terrain at a super speed of 59 miles per hour.

It complies with basic safety measures 2 floodlights, and two rear LED lights, plus its hydraulic brakes have cooling fins so they don’t overheat when stopping the 3200 watts of its two dual motors. The 11X can be your for 3500 Dollars. another one that reaches this speed is the Weped GTR. Which also promises excellent off-road performance thanks to its 20,000-watt dual hub motors With its 60 volt 45 amp hour Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery.

What do you say? Would you pay for such a whim?


This fastest electric scooter has a rather simple light and practical design. But don’t let that make you think it isn’t powerful enough. Thanks to its two mighty motors of up to 8400 watts and 72 volt 35 amp hour Pansonic cell battery.

How does it stop? Well, it has hydraulic disc breaks combined with an integrated electric break that reliably stops it. Besides, it has headlights and rear and side LED lights which are somewhat basic, but hey its 4500 price tag isn’t bad at all.

The speed of this position is matched by turbo wheel phaeton. This heavy-weight scooter has more powerful lighting to go safely on the road. It has 1600 watt dual motor and its double suspension is pretty good. Are you willing to pay around 4000 for this scooter?


This off-roader fastest electric scooter is everything dual Tron lovers have been waiting for. The thunder 2 has a 72 volt 40 amp hour Ig battery and dual hub motors with a max power of 1080 watts to reach 62 miles per hour. It has also 160 millimeters of Nutt hydraulic disc breaks and front-end rear suspension.

Its programmable LED lights and fairly solid, rear footrest add a touch of modernity. This fastest electric scooter will cost you 4300 Dollars. Matching the speed of this position is the Caboo wolf king plus, With an aluminum body and dual suspension.

It has a 72 volt 28 amp battery and pretty good lighting to illuminate the road. The wip head ff with an Aircraft aluminum frame is no slouch either. The FF boasts a 60 bolt 30 amp hour Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

It has a cooling fan on both sides of the deck front and rear shock absorbers.


This fastest electric scooter is one of the most massive versions offered by the Korean brand mini motors. The tires increase to 13 inches for better stability and it has hydraulic breaks in both the front and rear, increasing their braking power as compared to mechanical breaks. This is quite necessary. Since The X2 will take at a speed of 68 miles per hour. It has 8300-watt BLDC dual-hub motors, 72 volts, and 42-amp lithium-Ion batteries.

What stands out is its front and rear adjustable hydraulic suspension system is one of the best on the market. To top it off its variety of LED lights allows for more color customizations, of course, the price had to increase at this point since it’s almost 6,500 Dollars.


Dualtron’s fastest scooter once again takes this top by storm with its 2021 release. This one is simpler than the previous one, but dint skimped on anything in terms of power. It boasts an 84 volt, 45 amp-hour LG battery and an 11,500-watt bldc dual hub motor.

It has a 12-inch RSC tubeless puncture-proof tire, and 160 millimeter Nutt hydraulic disc breaks for good performance. The price of this beauty is almost 5,400 Dollars. But don’t worry to avoid any risk the storm limited comes with mini motors anti-theft fingerprint system.
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This isn’t the fastest scooter, it’s a hyper scooter with an astonishing speed of 80 miles per hour. The body, deck, pole, handlebar, and front fender of the Rion thrust are made of reinforced carbon fiber. Being lighter this scooter performs better and maximizes space for its high-tech components. For example, you can choose between an 88.2 volt 30 amp hour lithium cell battery or an 84 amp hour battery.

It also offers 11-inch tires and next-generation programmable controllers for gentle launching without losing top speed. you can order it for a starting price of 8,500 Dollars.


In this position, you’d find output powers that have nothing t envy a motorcycle. The SST is powered by a 72 volts 45 amp hour Samsung INR lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery. Its two dual hub motors can deliver over 30,000 watts and with a peak power of over 800 amps.

You won’t find it difficult to reach its top speed of 86.9 miles per hour. Besides, it features adjustable spring suspension and wide 11-inch go-kart racing style tires for better traction. And of course, you couldn’t forget the LED lights that run along the deck.
The SST is one of the sturdiest in the Weep head series at 130 pounds so its not as portable as you’d like.

If that doesn’t bother you: you can shell out about 7000 Dollars to buy it.


This powerful fastest electric scooter has a powerful 72 volt 50 amp hour Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery. Thanks to that and its two motors which hit a max power of 30,000 watts. It promises to go up 90 miles per hour. Of course, such speed requires not only the good front and rear Nutt hydraulic disc breaks but also good cooling fans to keep the scooter from actually catching fire.

This scooter is lighter than the previous one at just 123 pounds. Mind you it’s way more expensive you’ll have to pay approximately 9,000 Dollars for it.
Time to set off all the alarms because the machine that lights up the track has arrived.


This fastest electric scooter surpassed all its competition with no less than 100 miles per hour. However, not only does demonstrate its power through its speed.

Its chassis stem pole and handlebar are made of carbon fiber plus the front and rear arms are made of sub almunium which makes it really light at 59 pounds. Transporting it will be no problem at all. Don’t forget about its mighty brushless hub motors powered by a 96.6-volt lithium-ion battery.

The braking power for such a monster is taken care of by its dual hydraulic dis breaks with Magura carbon calipers. The Rion RE90 also offers a rigid font fork for better control and pmt slick tires for a smooth roll. All this for 6,800 Dollars. What do you say?
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