Top 5 Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Rider

Hey. Hey, everyone. Ray Me here from Electric Scooter guide and VIT is my top five dual motor scooters for the big dogs. I feel like we’re missing a big dog perspective. Like, most of these riders are under 100 and 9200 pounds.

You know, I’m 250 and we have a different experience. I just thought I could bring my insight and share with you all my family. This is my personal thought. I’ve just been rocking these five dual motor scooters, and I thought they were the best ones. Before we get this list going, I thought I’d bring my honorable mention, the dual tron thunder two.

Let’s get into it. 10,000 watts. This is the beast. And sometimes you need to go straight bananas, crazy, uncontrollable, craziny, whatever you want to call it. This with the scooter is you get on it.

But for real. Honestly, though, this is not for the faint heart. Now, for if you’re trying to ride, like, real calm, this is for experienced riders, the big dogs. The big dogs. The range on this is crazy.

It’s something close to 60 miles. We’ll put it down here. It’s one of the fastest scooters we ever tested at ESG in the top five. And it has super nice swag light. At night time, the streets are lighting up in crazy colors.

Number two, number five, apollo Ghosts. We’re starting to lift off with one of the best bang for buck dual motor scooters out there. It checks many of my big dog requirements. Good top speed, great dual suspension, great braking, and it has a little bit taller ride with the taller handlebars. We first got this last year.

I was impressed, but really riding it throughout the years, it’s good to test the time. I go off curves, jumps, and it feels good when you’re riding. And not to mention at night with the blue and red lights makes it that much great. And I think it’s a great entry point for anybody when they want to get into dual motors. Apollo Ghost number four, wolf Warrior X.

They have the pro model and the base model. I don’t care which one you get. I love them both. I know that it’s a little bit smaller than most wolf warriors, but it’s something about it. If it was me, somebody’s like, hey, Raymond, I’m getting into dual motor scooters.

Which one should I buy? Which one do you think would be great for me? I’m trying to go fast. I’m trying to get some range on there. I think this one is the perfect sweet spot.

44 mph. There’s plenty of speed for anybody, and it’s life. That’s the thing. They thought our thumbnail with Paul holding it up, like, over his head was fake, but that was actually real. This thing is light, but it can carry and handle big weight.

Like, you still got the double stem. It’s still solid. You can hit corners. It has everything that I like about the Wolf Warrior. But many.

If I had to pay for one scooter in the world out of pocket, it would be this one. That’s why it’s number four on this list. Number three, Apollo Phantom. Yeah, the V One had his quirks. They fixed it with the V Two.

But one thing I do appreciate about the Phantom is the innovation of it. Even when they introduced it, it was different. I like to display something new like, you know, this hexagon. We got numbers on here. USB.

I appreciate the handlebars. I get real comfortable. This is like one of my favorite handlebars. If you go back to our original review, I spoke highly of the handlebars. I like how they feel.

The number one thing I appreciate the most about this scooter, compared to all other dual motor scooters on this list, is the folding mechanism. This one is just as simple. You press the lever, you pull it over, you put the pin in and you’re out. It’s sleeping cool. Like when you ride this, it feels nice.

The bounce on it is good. The spring on there is loaded really nice. Compared to the Apollo program that I didn’t like, I felt like I was in a bounce house. This one, you can kind of get in there and turn it for me. Two turns are perfect enough for my weight, and you can get on there and be smooth and just ride with some cool Apollo Phantom.

Number two, Naomi Bernie. The Nami is just plain old different. It might not have the perfect rollout, but once you got it rolling, this is a completely different Scooter. The first thing you notice when you get on a Naomi Bernie is a sine wave controller. It makes the Scooter super smooth acceleration smooth.

Like when I got on it, I actually wrote it with one hand because I can control the speed that I was going. If you want to jam pack and go super fast, you hit the throttle. You can do that. You can go really slow as you want, real mid if you want. And you really don’t find that in dual motor scooters.

Like, you normally just go and little zip, zip, zip. But to have this much power and that much control means something. I’m not going to confirm or deny that I got into a street race with a motorcycle, but trust me, this is a beast. And it held up for the first couple of seconds I was out in front, allegedly. But that also led me to what I don’t like about the Scooter and why it’s number two and not number one.

And that stability. When I was at the high speed, when I was getting to like 58 mph, because this ad can go almost 60, but when I was getting up to those top speeds, I was kind of getting a little wobble. Heart shake was going on and I kind of freaked out but other than that, if you’re not really driving crazy like how I was that day, this is one of the top Scooters out there and it’s just plain old different and I can appreciate the innovations that they brought with this Scooter. Tight is turning and it’s for a reason. I’m glad that I was one of the people that got to ride this.

Let’s find out what number one is, baby. Number one cabo. Wolf King GT. If you know ESG and if you know me, you know I personally like all wolf scooters. I mean, obviously the Wolf X.

I just picked the Warrior eleven. All the wolves are cool. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes. This is fast.

This is the fastest Scooter I’ve ever written on. I haven’t had the luxury to ride a Ryan Scooter yet, but this 62 mph beast was enough for me. Getting up to that speed is what makes this number one for big dogs. Let me tell you, when we ride Scooters, we’re always panicking in the back of our head. Is the Scooter going to hold up?

Is it going to be stable? Is it going to be sturdy? But this one, you get that you can ride at high speeds. And maybe because of the double stem right here, it’s really steady. I got it up to 59 and I was still steady.

Handlebar to deck ratio is 40 inches, was pretty tall. So you still get a good riding stance and you really can just slam on it and jam on it. Also like the Nami Bernie, it has a sine wave controller and you can do this one is smooth as well. Same thing with Anomaly. You can creep it real slow or you can jam it.

You can have that all speed control. I like everything about it with this Scooter. It makes me feel free. Like how you want to feel on Scooters. If you want ultimate control, ultimate performance and the most stability for a big dog, I think this Scooter is it.

That’s it, everyone. I hope you like my top five dual motor scooters. Let me know in the comments. Your top five dual motor scooters is for big dogs and you guys might teach me something.

Scooter guy. Be safe, wear your helmet and I’m out.

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