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Electric Scooters, the solution you’re not even aware you need.


Ever thought of how much does a car cost? We all have, yet admit it the price that comes to your mind is the price tag associated with the product. But this narrow view of price and cost is flawed. In reality we end up paying much more. In terms of maintenance,parking,time spent on the road,time spent worrying over your car. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you ditch your car. I’m just saying that the beast of a thing isn’t best suited to serve you in all conditions. For your daily commute to the office or a visit to the grocery store an electric scooter is the thing you need.


It ensures the most frictionless travel. Having doubts? Leave it to me to convince you. Taking your car to work or grocery shopping you have to deal with the ever increasing traffic. Think of all the places that a car gets stuck yet something nimble like the electric scooter can pass easily. Let’s say you have successfully beat the road but then comes the inconvenience of parking the big thing. You have to find a good slot, wait in line, maybe even pay for the convenience. While some models of electric scooters you can just pick up and carry into your office and let it rest beside your desk or in an open space.


There is always the last mile where something large like a car won’t go but say you’re tired after a bad day at the office or didn’t have a good night sleep but have to rush for office. Those little walks seem like a marathon.


The sliver of rest and peace that an electric scooter can give you at moments like this adds up to something truly substantial at the end of the day. You don’t have to do the same cajoling and pour money like water behind the car as with the scooter. It’s silent, efficient and eco-friendly. If you’re one of those who doesn’t worry about the latter part let me tell you mate you should start worrying. Who knows you might end up dipping your feet in the sea water whenever you get off your porch . And come on, why do something the messy way if we have a cleaner alternative, right? Of course you might not be able to afford a tesla for that right now but you can always use an electric scooter and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint as a species and fighting global warming.


Believe me you might not notice now but when you make the switch you’ll immediately notice the lack of noise you have been experiencing earlier and question yourself why you were tolerating that in the first place. It’s really a wonder the things we suffer and get used to because we never really gave the alternatives a shot. Public transport is always an option but it robs you of something very precious and that is the ownership of your time.


When you run your life to someone else’s schedule ,you’re never in control. You always feel rushed and tense. Feel guilty for missing the ride – the timeline. You can’t make adjustments due to all the unforeseen accidents and inconveniences that plagues our lives on your own terms. There is also the last mile that you have to labour walking even on those tired down evenings when you don’t have an iota of energy left. Amongst all this chit chat did I mention cheap?


Electric scooters are the cheapest machine propelled ride imaginable. Rapid advancement in technology has truly brought it within people’s reach. Just add up all your commuting costs for 6 months and you can have an electric scooter. That too something you completely own. Can take wherever you want, go wherever you want , some you can drive in your hallway. It doesn’t even cost a fraction of your car while fulfilling most of the needs. For those of you a bit more adventurous and thinking hey! Can I go on a long journey with my favourite scooter. Surprisingly the answer is actually yes ! You just have to take some extra preparation for a smoother experience. We will go on that adventure in another blog. Keep an eye out for that.


Now that I have successfully convinced you of buying an electric scooter let me give you a general overview , you know what to look for and what to avoid and some of the best products to better understand and navigate when you shoot off to scourge the net for your perfect mate ! It’s only fare as I have introduced you to the electric scooter world and it’s wonderful experiences that I also give you a hand on boarding and navigating the terrain.

One of the first thing you should be looking into is the weight capacity of the scooter. ………….

Short description of what to look for while buying a scooter

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