Dualtron Thunder 2 vs Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

This is the legendary Dualtron Thunder, one of the world’s fastest electric scooters. And this is the new 72 volts Dualtron Thunder Two. It’s the same size, but with twice the power, which means it’s ridiculously fast. Now with us as we discover how Mini Motors has taken this legend to another level as we break down the ten most important changes between the Thunder and the new Dual Tron Thunder, too, we’ll also reveal one reason why Chuck prefers the original over the Thunder Two.

Difference number one power. Nominal power has more than doubled from the original, and peak power is now over 10 kw, which means the Thunder Two makes more power than the exotic Dualtron X Two rocketing to 30 mph in just 4.4 seconds. Difference number two double click throttle. The Thunder too has so much power that Duetron uses a special trick to help you control it. At full throttle, the Thunder Two has 8400 watts of peak power. If you decide you want even more power, a double click unleashes another ten amps to each motor. That’s 1680 watts, or basically an entire Dual Tron Eagle pro worth of extra boost. One downside of double clicking is that it adds a slight delay to your starts. But it makes sense why they don’t just give you access to 60 amps all the time. A 60 amp throttle would make it difficult to exit corners smoothly. Think of the double click as the little red safety cover over a missile launch switch. Difference number three top speed. The Thunder Two accelerates hard right past the original Thunder’s. Top speed of 50 continues on to a lofty ESG certified top speed of 58 3 mph.

Both Scooters feel reasonably stable at speed, but a steering damper would definitely help make things more comfortable. Difference number four range. With the largest battery of any Scooter we’ve ever tested, it came as no surprise when the Thunder Two crushed ESG’s all time range record. It covered 59.5 miles in top performance mode, circling our urban range test course for three long hours. The original Thunder took honors for the fifth best range ever, covering 45.2 miles. Even if you don’t plan to ride that far, knowing you have battery to spare gives you the freedom to climb hills as fast as you want without range anxiety. Difference number five flat proof Tires just under the front badge on the Thunder too, you’ll see a new badge announcing that the Thunder Two comes equipped with flat proof tires. These are the same new tires used by the Cabo Wolf King. Aside from being flat proof, they’re also the first low rated and speed rated Scooter tires we’ve ever seen. Let’s look inside. These new CST brand tires look just like the tubeless tires of the original Thunder, but have a thick, incredibly stretchy, soft rubber coating bonded to the inside surface to prevent flats.

The inner coating resist punctures by stretching if a sharp object makes it through the outer layer. Even when we managed to puncture the inner layer, the coating resealed itself instantly, losing zero air pressure over the next 24 hours. Flat proof tires might be our favorite upgrade from the Thunder to the Thunder, too, because when you have 100 pound Scooter, it’s good to know that you’ll never have to push it home on a flat tire, since it’s not going to fit in the trunk of an Uber. Of course, the flat roof tires also fit the original Thunder if you decide you want to upgrade on your own. Difference number six upgraded Battery the Thunder 272 volts, 40 amp hour battery isn’t just bigger, it’s better. It uses power, dense LG 2700 cells that give the Scooter 32% more range while only gaining 13% more weight. A bigger battery means you won’t have to charge it as often, which is good for longevity, so you’re not just getting more miles per charge, but more years of life out of the battery. Difference number seven aluminum Footrest one of the Thunder two signature features is the new rear footrest.

With an integrated tail light. It looks awesome and makes a great hand hold, but to be honest, it’s not the best foot rest. The top is a little too high and a little too narrow front to back, while the incline section is too steep to use during normal riding. Removing the footrest altogether gives you 2.2 inches more deck to stand on. The good news is that it’s straightforward to remove and takes less than five minutes for super sporty aggressive riding. The Forest is still nice to have, but for long hauls we like having the extra deck space. Difference number eight rubber Deck the other signature feature, the ultra modern rubber deck, has the benefit of being super easy to clean, but also has a small drawback. It has 31% less grip than the deck of the original Thunder. However, you can get that traction back with some strategically placed grip tape. Best of both worlds. Difference number nine even More Swag Lights there’s no mistaking when a dual tron is approaching. At night, the Thunder Two takes swag to the next level, adding synchronized RGB lights to the side of the deck and to the swing arms, so light patterns flow from one section to the next.

peaker 2 (05:04)And like always, you can tune the colors and patterns with the included remote control or turn them off entirely. Difference number Ten lighted Control Panel within easy reach of the left grip is the stunning new control box. It’s made from cast aluminum with a rocker switch for turn signals and backlit stainless steel buttons for lights, hazard lights, eco mode and horn. Even the clear rubber seal around the middle of the box lights up. Our favorite feature on the control panel is definitely that the Eco button stays pressed in for Eco mode and stands out for OMG mode. So there’s no guessing what mode you’re in. Difference number eleven sidestand. We’re sneaking in one more. A seemingly mundane yet important upgrade, the Thunder Two comes with a beefy adjustable side stand. Nothing ruins the feel of a top shelf scooter more than having a lean like a sinking ship when it’s parked, the Thunder Two stands proud. Pros of the Thunder Two include world record range, flat proof tires, a beautiful new control panel with mode indication, a foot rest that’s also a grab handle, and adrenaline inducing power. Pros of the original Thunder include a grippy comfortable deck, smoother throttle control than the Thunder too.

Realistically all the range and speed you’ll ever need. Less weight than the Thunder too. And of course, it’s less expensive.

There’s a reason the original Thunder is a legend.

It’s rapid but composed.

In fact, it’s smooth but fast. Style is the reason that it’s Chuck’s favorite of the Two for commuting home. But if you want more of everything range, top speed and adrenaline the Thunder Two is just the right kind of bonkers. Even without the double click throttle, the Thunder Two picks up well beyond where the Thunder One leaves off. And with the double click, well, just be sure you’re ready for complete specs.

And performance measurements on both of these scooters. Check out the ESG website at Electricscooter Guide and check back in two weeks for our full review of the Thunder too.

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