Cheapest electric scooter

We’ve tested 16 of the top entry-level scooters globally to bring you the six best cheapest electric scooter you can buy for under $500. All 16 scooters ran the gauntlet. We measured real-world range, and push scooters to their top spot speeds, tested braking distances, and literally eight other performance stats.

We even read the manuals cover to cover twice then we analyze the data and pick the best of the best.

Best Scooter Under $300

GOTRACKS GXL V (Cheapest electric scooter)


The GoTracks GXL V Two Commuter delivers outstanding braking and rides quality for its price, with regen braking up front, a discount back, and grippy Pneumatic tires with a rear reflector rather than a tail light. It’s definitely basic transportation, but if you have a commute that’s 9 miles or less, this is the cheapest, most reliable way to get there.

Best Scooters Under $400

HIGHBOY S2  (The cheapest electric scooter)


The Highboy S2 is a performance bargain even if you spend $100 more, you won’t find a scooter that can beat it for top speed, acceleration, or braking.

It’s also got rear suspension, which helps give the S Two surprisingly good ride quality in spite of its maintenance-free honeycomb tires. Our scooter did come with a rattling rear fender, which is common, but it’s also easily fixed by adding a little weatherstripping. When you’re using a scooter for transportation Range is King, and that’s where the XR Elite shines.

The Elite delivers 64% more range than its little brother, the GXL while gaining only £4.4.

It’s also got a huge deck to keep your feet comfortable while you pile on the mile.

Best Scooters Under $500

TURBOANT X7 PRO (The cheapest electric scooter)


Nothing erases range anxiety better than having a spare battery in your backpack. The Turbo at X7 range doubles to 30.6 miles with a quick battery swap. It also has one of the best Implementations of cruise control we’ve ever seen, and its ten-inch Pneumatic tires deliver the smoothest ride of any scooter on this list.

If you’re looking for high speed on a small budget, the GoTraX G4 delivers with its ESG certified top speed.

GOTRAX G4 (cheapest electric scooter)


The GOTRX G4 is surprisingly feature-packed With an integrated cable lock, immobilizer alarm, super-bright display, and great handling from ten-inch Pneumatic Preslim tires, which help prevent flats.

The original King of electric scooters, the M 365, still exemplifies well-rounded performance in a lightweight package. It’s no wonder it’s the most imitated scooter on the planet Like a Honda Civic, it has above.

Average performance in every category, especially range, braking, and safety. Because it’s such a popular scooter, it’s easy to find spare parts, upgrades, and support from thousands of other enthusiastic riders.

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