9 best electric scooter

You’re about to read are the results of the largest personal 9 best electric scooter survey in history. Nearly 1000 people from all over the world rated the scooter they personally own. This is not our opinion or fake reviews. This is the top 9 personal electric scooters as voted by you.

Gotrax GXL Commuter V Two

The V Two has been a stalwart entry-level scooter for a couple of years now. At $250, most electric scooters are still considered toys. While the Gotrax is a real deal commuter In our performance test. The V Two sped up to a top speed of 13 and cruised in at just over 10 miles of range. While not a thrill-seeker’s scooter, the low top speed actually helps the scooter to stop more quickly and contributes to its overall great safety score.

In fact, it checks nearly all the boxes in terms of safety, including dual Pneumatic tires, a disc brake, high mounted front light, and a loud Bell. It does lack a rear light, so you’ll need to pick that up, but otherwise, this ultra-budget scooter is ready to roll. The V Two has recently been updated to the XR.

Xiaomi M 365.

Long live the King of electric scooters. The Xiaomi is the model that brought electric scooter sharing to the masses when Bird chose it for its inaugural scooter.
Since then, the M 365 has become the most popular scooter in the world for the personal market, and not without reason. While still budget-friendly at less than $400 on Amazon. The M 365 has a top speed of 16, an impressive tested range of 14.6 miles.

Bang for your buck, this might be the best deal in the industry. It also takes all the safety features of the go tracks and adds a built-in rear light for added nighttime safety. The Xiaomi also includes a functional app cruise control and a comfortable thumb throttle.


Often replicated but never duplicated, the Nine packs an astounding array of features in its 40-pound frame. When you’re looking for a well-balanced scooter that does nearly everything well, this scooter is hard to beat. The top speed is higher than expected. At over 28, you’ll get a real-world range of nearly 22 miles.

When commuting, you’ll have a comfortable ride thanks to dual Pneumatic tires, dual suspension, optional cruise control and a large deck. And when you come home at night in the pitch black, you’ll thank your lucky stars for the bright stem and Underdeck lighting so cars can easily see you from a distance.

Since I live upstairs, I would get the best scooter under 45 pounds and in my opinion, this is it. Number Ten EMove Cruiser The EMove Cruiser has come out as a huge winner in 2019 after Voro Motors went crazy with upgrades over the previous model. The latest version now includes semi hydraulic brakes for easy braking, an IP 67 water resistance rating for when you get stuck in the rain tubeless pneumatic tires so you’ll have less of a chance of getting flat and an LG battery for long lasting battery durability.

Besides this buffet of benefits, the cruiser also has the longest range of any scooter we’ve ever tested, at 53 miles. Add to all this some of the best commuter comforts on any scooter, including turn signals, a loud electronic Horn, a massive deck for riding comfort, and cruise control for advanced users on those longer rides. Put all this together and you have our absolute favorite long-range commuter.

Mercane Wide wheel

Pro Batmobile-like looks with ultrafast tires and punchy dual-motor acceleration. The wide wheel Pro is a favorite among riders who want something fast and fun but aren’t looking for a heavyweight B scooter. We tested the Pro and it had a top speed of 26. 7 mph with 19.3 miles of real-world range.

In its fastest mode, the Pro is an upgraded version of the original fan-favorite wide wheel and now includes an LCD display and dual disc brakes. The Pro is one of the most fun scooters to ride due to its thrilling but not scary acceleration. Some owners use it for daily commuting, but we like to think of it more as a fun weekend scooter for joyriding in fair weather.

Fluid Free Ride Horizon

The Horizon is an affordable, super practical, very well-balanced daily commuter. It ticks all the boxes for features that you need for city riding and on all types of roads. It has dual suspension and a rear airless tire for fewer flats. We tested the Horizon and it had a top speed of 24 fantastic 26 miles range in its fastest mode.

One of the best things about this scooter is it folds compactly for carrying onto public transit or storing. Not only does the stem fold, but it also telescopes
and the handlebars fold as well. In its smallest configuration, it’s just 38 and a half inches long and seven inches wide. It’s not super light, but it is one of the
lightest scooters with this much range.

Xiaomi M 365 Pro

The M 365 Pro is slightly more powerful, the larger battery version of the world’s favorite Xiaomi M 365. It weighs just 4pounds more than the original but increases the range to 25 miles while also having more power for faster acceleration on the flats as well as Hills. We can see the huge appeal of this scooter.

It has a universally loved, refined Xiaomi design with even more range and power. The Pro also has a bright Led information display, something absent in the original. The Pro also packs some fantastic safety and performance features, including dual Pneumatic tires, a disk brake, great design, and range for days, all in a 33-pound package. Unfortunately, it is not widely available in North America as of April 2020,

Combo Mantis Pro

The Cabo Mantis Pro tips the scales at just 64 pounds, yet has all the trappings of a legitimate beast scooter. It has dual 1000 Watt Motors and hydraulic disc brakes that help the scooters start and stop very quickly. We tested the top speed to be 37.3 be 33.7 miles. It accelerates to 30 in just 5.8 seconds, which is about the same length of time it takes regular scooters to reach 15.

Mantis has giant air-filled tires and an adjustable dual spring suspension that soaks up bumps yet is stiff enough to keep you tacked to the road. It can handle rough roads, but the Mantis thrives on smooth pavement and it loves high speed. The scooter also just looks super cool and Cabo got a lot of the small touches right, including the Super Grippy deck with Mantis badging. Overall, it’s an aggressive-looking scooter with the credentials to back it up.

Segway Ninebot Max

The Max was developed to handle the rigors of the rough sharing market and as such is the most robust and durable scooter on the market.
When someone needs a scooter they can rely on, the Segway Ninebot Max should be the number one choice. The Max sports a massive battery for its size, which produced a tested range of over 28 miles and a tested top speed of nearly 18.

Max also includes a large ten-inch puncture-resistant tubeless Pneumatic tires, a legitimate IPX five water resistance rating so you won’t get stuck in the rain,
a comfortable thumb throttle, a functional app that allows you to enable
cruise control or disable the scooter, and an internal power brick so you don’t have to lug around your large charger.

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