Apollo City Pro Electric scooter Review

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on Apollo’s latest commuter, the fundamentally reimagined dual-motor Apollo City Pro. This thing is packed with tech, including three features we’ve never seen before. They’re calling it the most integrated scooter of 22,022, and in this review, we’ll show you why. Today, we’ll examine his build, and run it through our industry-leading performance tests, including one test in particular that you’ll definitely want to stick around to the end. For the original single motor, Apollo City was a popular commuter because it’s fast, fun, and easy to ride. The new City Pro keeps the fun and adds dual motor, hill-climbing power, a great-looking build, and commuter-friendly features to make sure you always get where you’re going.

When Apollo launched the Phantom in 2021, they set a new standard for everything you need in one complete package. Now, four years after releasing their first all-original scooter, they go even further. With the CD Pro is super clean, integrated design and attention to detail. A design first. Highly integrated and painstakingly custom-built scooter. With sleek lines, very little exposed, and a fresh paint color, this is a scooter that will stand out. Trust me. How, aren’t you, boy?

It has the first ten inch tubeless tires we’ve ever seen, and they claim to be flat proof, so of course we tested that, too. Stick around to the end to see how it turned out. Here’s a quick breakdown of our other favorite new stuff on the City Pro turn signals within reach of each thumb. They beep and self cancel so you don’t accidentally leave them on. The included app tells you how many miles of range you have remaining, and we tested it. It really works. You can also use the app to dial in the intensity of acceleration and braking. The optional phone mount is pricey at $50, but it’s well made and fits the unusual handlebar shape. The fenders are really solid and look great. Though front coverage could be improved. The three amp charger takes you from empty to full in just four and a half hours. The side stand is easy to use, and the charge port is also easier to use than a typical three pronged type. Plus, the port seals itself when you’re not using it, and it was one of the easiest scooters to set up right out of the box.

One plug, two screws, and we were ready to go. City Commuting isn’t about crazy top speeds, but when you have a scooter that can go faster than 25 mph, something magic happens. Suddenly you have the option to flow with traffic when it’s safe. With an ESC certified top speed of 31, city Pro can definitely get you across town faster than a car during rush hour traffic. The Dual Motor City Pro surprises by covering nearly the same number of miles as the original single motor version, even though they both use the same size battery. So it’s got enough range for the longest city. Commutes acceleration is easy to control with the grippy rubber thumb throttle, and it’s deceptively quick with a zero to 15 time of two 9 seconds. It’s only two tenths behind the Apollo Phantom V Two and the Wolfwater X Pro, but the Citi Pro’s power delivery is noticeably smoother. Apollo made some surprising choices with the Citi Pro’s brakes, with some clear benefits. No matter how hard you grab them. These brakes won’t put you over the handlebars, but they will recharge your battery and probably won’t ever wear out. The left handlebar has a thumb lever that lets you use 100% regenerative braking so you can slow down without using the mechanical brakes at all, putting more energy into recharging your battery.

The regular brake levers now have position sensors to give you more region the harder you pull, unlike typical brake levers, which only switch regen fully on or off. The third unusual thing Apollo did was to use drum brakes front and rear. They’re much less likely to lock up, and you can do a brake adjustment without any tools. And from my experience running fleets of thousands of Scooters, I can tell you drum brakes last about ten times as long as disc brakes. The City Pro stops from 15 mph in a very respectable 12.3ft. Climbing hills is where having dual motors makes all the difference. The dual motor Apollo City Pro climbed our test hill 20% faster than the original Apollo City. I also had no trouble keeping up with the flow of city traffic, even on the steep 4% hills in our range test circuit. The City Pro is fast but still easy to ride, which is exactly what you want in a commuter. The stem has a high quality latch with no wobble at all. The dual swing arm suspension is a little firm for my rider weight of £165, but it’s a huge improvement over the original Apollo City, and it does a great job handling larger bumps.

The toolless tires have an excellent road feel and make the Scooter feel very nimble if you’re trying to go racetrack speed around corners. The Apollo Phantom definitely handles better, but most riders are unlikely to corner that hard on the street. One thing we notice right away is how tall the handlebars are. At 41 and a half inches above the deck, they’re the second tallest handlebars we’ve ever measured. They work well for my height at five foot ten, and I think they’ll feel perfect for riders from about five foot five to well beyond 6ft tall. But let’s see what Ramire thinks.

Well, Paul, let’s get into it. You don’t get the fastest speed, but that’s not what I’m asking for with the Scooter. I like how it looks sleek. It looks nice, it looks new. It’s stepping into 2022 the right way. The suspension, it holds me just nice. It takes bumps well, also first Apollo City, they had the real short handlebars, but with this one, you can literally see the difference. Like, check this footage out right here. All right, that’s my take on Apollo City Pro. Back to you, Paul. And I’m out.

Portability is the one area where the new City Pro doesn’t beat the original. We love the quick folding stem and rear grab handle and how solid the handlebars feel, but the fact that the bars don’t fold definitely makes it less compact. You need to be careful when carrying it by the stem, because the latch will come undone if you set it down. Because of this, I usually lift it with the rear handle and the gooseneck. Apollo did a good job of making sure there’s plenty of room for fingers at the front. At £66, the City Pro isn’t light, but with a two handed grip, I’d be comfortable carrying it up one or two flights of stairs. Safety wise, we love the drum brakes, since they aren’t as grabby as this brakes. The high amount of headlight is also a big improvement and a musthave for visibility at night. The smooth acceleration of the City also earns high marks for safety. Pros include variable regen braking, flat proof ten inch Pneumatic tires, clean integrated design, highest IP rating in our database, and ultra short charging time. Cons include display could be brighter, deck hook doesn’t stay latched, and turn signals aren’t visible from the front.

While you’re doing your research, here are a few other commute scooters that have similar price and performance. Apollo Ghost higher top speed but not as easy to ride. Mantis V two more intense but less user friendly. EMove Cruiser longer range but a really different scooter. Or you can save $200 and get all of the features of the Apollo City Pro with less power with a single motor apollo City but having tried both, we’d recommend the Pro. Okay, let’s see if the flat proof tires really work. So it’s been 24 hours since we’ve punctured the tire, and it’s still at full pressure. Myths confirmed. So who is the City Pro for? The scooter is for somebody who values design, integration, and attention to detail. Someone who appreciates the end to end experience and the support of a strong brand. The City Pro is in a sweet spot for City commuting and is your worry free, easy to use, everyday rocket with flat proof tires, brakes that will never wear out, an app that displays accurate remaining range and fast charging. It’s got everything you need for a drama free commute, rain or shine. And it’s the most integrated design we’ve seen yet.

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