Find the Best 10 Abus Cycle Lock Reviews 2023

When you’re planning to buy abus cycle lock, you want it to be the best one in the market. However, finding the best one is not as easy as it seems. It can be quite hard to find it because of the various aspects to consider before buying. Since everyone has different needs, it mainly depends on your preference. However, by doing some intensive research we can compile a comprehensive list of the top abus cycle lock that you must see.

A selection process

To make sure you get the right product at the best price we have analyzed the various range of abus cycle lock depending on the overview of the current market. The analysis was done by going through several criteria to determine the relative levels of performance. Moreover, the comparison is based on different factors so that you can identify which products are best for this specific output. We have compiled our top pics based on our expert recommendation. These are as follows;

• Size

• Brand value

• Features

• Specifications

• Durability

• Quality

• Materials

• Style

• Design

• Longevity

• Consumer ratings & reviews

• Product price

• Warranties

• Types.

The Top 10 Abus Cycle Lock 2023 – Best Sellers

10 Abus Cycle Lock On the Marktet – Top Picks

Our list comprises of best 10 abus cycle lock that we narrowed down from thousands of options available in the market. We take our guideline ethics very seriously. That is why our team of experts had done extensive research on the features and specifications. Moreover, we thoroughly reviewed the customer feedback on the products to identify their potential.
SaleBestseller No. 1
Abus HB140 HB140 - Lucchetto per bicicletta Unisex per adulti, 420/150HB140 + USH Ultimate
  • Robusto, compatto e resistente al picking: serratura a U con cilindro di alta qualità per proteggere da manomissioni come ad esempio picking – bloccaggio e sblocco con chiave
  • Con staffa rotonda da 13 mm in acciaio temprato: alloggiamento, staffa e parti portanti del meccanismo di bloccaggio sono realizzati in acciaio temprato
  • Design moderno e accattivante, facile da usare grazie al rivestimento del corpo del lucchetto
  • Lucchetto affidabile per bicicletta e bicicletta elettrica di alta qualità: spessore 13 mm, peso 900 g, altezza 140 mm, larghezza 80 mm, livello di sicurezza ABUS 12, con 2 chiavi e supporto USH
  • Sicuro, affidabile e stabile. Questo è il nome ABUS. Che si tratti di protezione a casa, di sicurezza degli oggetti o di sicurezza mobile: ABUS definisce gli standard
Bestseller No. 2
ABUS Chain Combo Web Lock
  • Basic protection at low theft risk
  • 4 mm chain with fabric sleeve
  • 3-digit code
  • Security Level 2
  • Length: 60 cm
SaleBestseller No. 3
ABUS Nutfix Solid Axle Single Bike Lock, Black, M10 Axle Diameter
  • Solid axel- made for solid axel bikes
  • Anodized surfaces- the anodized caps, available in a range of colors, provide long-term protection against corrosion
  • Innovative design- the patented technology for a high level of lock picking protection
  • Stainless steel- the locks themselves are made from high quality, resilient stainless steel
  • Can be installed with a conventional SW 15 open jaw wrench
SaleBestseller No. 4
ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock, Black (11260)
  • Locks the wheel to the bike frame
  • 8.5 mm steel shackle
  • 2 keys supplied
  • Security level 7
Bestseller No. 5
ABUS Bordo Combo 6100/90cm Shy Security Level 9 Bike Locks, Black
  • 5 mm steel bars that are made of special hardened steel
  • Soft-touch coating on the bars and matching silicone lock body cover protects bike's paint job
  • Abu's combination featuring individually re-settable Code
  • Compact, versatile folding technology offers greater range of locking options
  • Features two-component molded digits for life-long readability
SaleBestseller No. 6
Abus Granit Citychain X-Plus 1060 Chain Bicycle Lock (4.5-Feet)
  • Hardened 10mm Hexogonal Chain with Sleeve to Protect Frame
  • The Integrated Abus-X-Plus Lock Cylinder uses a Lighted Key.
  • Automatic Keyhole Cover
SaleBestseller No. 7
Abus 525230 Special Lock Combiloop 205 Cable lock
  • Ideal for securing leisure or sports gear/objects
  • 5 mm strong steel cable
  • Automatic locking at insertion of the locking bolt
  • Security level 2
  • Individually settable Code
Bestseller No. 8
Abus Granit Citychain X-Plus 1060 Chain Bicycle Lock (3.5-Feet) , Black
  • Hardened 10mm Hexogonal Chain with Sleeve to Protect Frame
  • The Integrated Abus-X-Plus Lock Cylinder uses a Lighted Key.
  • Automatic Keyhole Cover
SaleBestseller No. 9
Abus Ultimate 420 Mini + Cobra Cable U-Lock: 5.5 Shackle
  • 13mm hardened steel round shackle
  • Pass through, double bolting steel shackle provides anti-twist protection
  • Shackle, lock body and supporting elements made of special temper hardened steel
  • ABUS Premium Cylinder offers great protection against picking
  • Two keys supplied with the lock
SaleBestseller No. 10
ABUS Steel 5805K/75 Chain Lock
  • 5mm square temper hardened steel chain
  • Pinned fabric sleeve prevents damage to paint job
  • Two keys supplied with lock
  • Easily transported under the seat as the chain can be folded compactly around the seat post
  • Two length options, 29.5 in. or 43.3 in.

Buying Guide of Abus Cycle Lock

Access to the internet has made our online shopping now much better compared to the past. You can order anything from around the world sitting at home by just clicking one button. But before you are buying abus cycle lock, you need to make sure you are considering the following factors:

Product Quality:

The quality of the product ensures the performance it promises. If the product is made of low quality then you will find issues with using it in the long run.


The price should be a factor in comparing the features it provides. Moreover, the price must remain under the budget you make. Buying a product that is more than the budget you make is not recommended.

Brand reputation:

The brand name provides a clear picture of why they are the best in the market. People factor in the brand name because it provides the trust and quality that a customer solely deserves.

Use a Secure Wifi or Internet Connection:

Your personal information should be private and no one should have access to it. But when we use public sites and networks that are unreliable, there comes a possibility of getting hacked. Hackers and cybercriminals mostly target the traffic on public sites because that is much easier to target. They can steal your private information and sell them on the dark web. That is why it is highly recommended to use a secure network where you can safely make purchases and transactions. This saves you from getting your personal information hacked.

Keep Your Computer Updated and Protected:

Keeping your computer updated and protected is an essential factor because it saves you from getting hacked. Hackers are always trying new methods to break into your firewall. Having an updated system protects you from stealing your important data. So make sure you have covered this part before going online shopping.

Buy on Known and Reputable Websites:

You might get misled on a click on an unreliable and unknown source when you are searching for products online. You must remain away from such dangerous sources since they can steal your personal data without you even knowing. Make sure to check the URL of the website to identify whether the http is locked and secured. Insecure links can trap you in a scam. Always shop at reputable websites that protect your data from theft.

Find and Review Privacy and Return Policies:

You might come to a situation where you might not like the product that you have purchased. So what to do in such cases? Before you fall into this situation make sure you have gone through its return and privacy policies. Reputable sites make sure their privacy policies are up to date and easily located on the page.

Only Share Personal Information That is Necessary and Only on a Secure Form:

Reliable sites do not ask for your personal information such as mobile, relatives’ names, place of birth, etc. If a site is asking for it while making the purchases then it is best recommended not to do it. Use useful tools that can help you prevent data theft so that your computer is free from getting infected with harmful viruses.

Avoid Links in Emails and Ads:

Email scam is a common practice in the online world. If you find emails that provide deals that seem too good to be true, then there is a high chance it is. During festival seasons, cybercriminals use phishing tactics by providing emails and ads with unbelievable offers and huge discounts.

Periodically Check Your Credit Card Transactions:

Check your credit card transaction regularly if you are making frequent purchases. It is better to be precocious than to fall directly into the trap unknowingly. Check your transaction history and if you find any minor or major suspicious activity, contact your bank right away.


You will find various brands in the global market when you are planning to buy a product, but not all will promise you the abus cycle lock. What you need to look for is identifying the right brand that is reputable in the market and worth the money you are spending. The best brands in the market contain customer reviews about their products, warranty policy, and brand legacy. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to review a brand because it shows how reliable it is and whether it provides the service that it promises. We hope our comprehensive guide on the products we discussed has provided a much better opportunity for you to make an accurate decision and make your online shopping experience much better.

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