3 Wheel electric scooter for kids

Three-wheel scooters are all the rage for young kids. Two to five years old with two wheels up front versus one on traditional scooters, they are so easy to balance, that even toddlers can just hop on and go. But which one is best for your toddler or cooler? We’ve personally tested out Amazon’s best-selling.

Three-wheel scooters help you understand how they’re different and which features really matter.


Micro Mini Deluxe is the best overall, gorgeous colors, Swiss quality design, and a smooth and quiet ride make the Micro Mini Deluxe the hands-down winner in our book. If you want the best three-wheel scooter money can buy, this is it. The adjustable height handlebar is easy to use and has eight inches of adjustability. It also boasts the lowest handlebar height on the list. Another reason is the best choice for young toddlers.

Additionally, all the other scooters have three or four height settings, the Micro Mini handlebars are continuously adjustable. This means that you can set them at the exact height that’s most comfortable for your little one.

If your child is over five, check out the larger Micro Mcafee Deluxe.



The Micro Mini Three and One Deluxe Are the best overall for very young toddlers.

The Micro Mini Three and One is genius. It’s essentially the Micro Mini Scooter, with two additional features that allow toddlers as young as one year old to ride. The setting removes the seat and has a short handlebar for little.

Ones to easily grab as they learn to stand and scoop. Once a toddler has gained confidence, the handlebar is removed and replaced with a standard TBar.
The Micro Mini Three and One is now a standard scooter.

But not too fast over the wood floors of the house. This Micro Mini Three and One Deluxe quickly became our toddler’s right-on Toy of choice.



The Gomo three-wheel is best for going fast. Bright and cheery color combinations, along with light-up wheels, make the Gomo a winner for young riders. Ideal for more competent kids who can handle more speed, the Gomo goes fast with little effort. Our little speed demons were particularly happy that the Gomo could keep up with them.

Our testers told us that they loved that the Fender brake is closer to the wheel, making it a little easier to engage/
They also mentioned how soft and comfortable. The hand grips were while not technically designed for riders over five years old, with 110 LB maximum Weight, it’s certainly possible, and with a slightly larger foot deck than the other scooters on this list. The Gomo allows for more foot space for larger feet.



lascuta Two in One is the best for Sharing Siblings we appreciate the lascuta’s ability. To grow with your child from the time they’re a toddler all the way to a big kid with eight and a half inches of handlebar height adjustments at four different settings, it will take Your kid a long time to outgrow a Lascuda.

The Lascuta’s smallest handlebar height setting is a bit taller than other scooters on our list. So it’s a better starter scooter for older toddlers three and older when in sitting mode, the seat heights are best for two or three years. Olds, but the handlebars are very high. Realistically, the setting mode isn’t practical, but the scooter is still a good bang for your Bucks.



The y glider XL is the most customizable. While all the three-wheel scooters on our list allow you to adjust the handlebar height as kids grow. The glider excel offers even more options for customization.

The foot set comes in two different colors which can easily be swapped out and small colored plastic pieces can be placed.

The y glider XL steering has three different levels that can be adjusted as his confidence and ability grow.

In the most advanced setting, the handlebars can be leaned significantly to allow kids to take sharp turns like a true lean steer scooter. In the most basic setting, the handlebars don’T lean at all, Allowing only forward or backward movement for beginning riders.



Svolta mega is the best for fashion and function sold scooters is bursting onto the scene with the most fashion forwarded hidden scooters. We’Ve seen the slogan of riding the runway. These scooters certainly live up to this mantra with gender-neutral colors and designs in a mod color palette. The sports mega Is easily the cutest scooter on the market.

If you want a scooter that’s fashionable and functional, the Svolta mega is your perfect match.



Radio Flyer leaving glide is the best on a budget. Radio Flyer’s budget-friendly scooter is the perfect starter scooter for toddlers with a lower. Minimum handle height than most other scooters. It’s a more natural fit for the young. Ones, but with eight inches of height. And of course, a line of wheels is always a winner.

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